The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit – Emma Thompson

This was a random buy really based on a long car journey and BBC Radio 2 for company. On the way back from Yorkshire to Hampshire one Sunday a few weeks ago, I heard the delightful Emma Thompson talking to Terry Wogan. An actress I love, who brought Shakespeare to life and made it a bit more accessible than just the boring texts did and rather scary English A Level tutors.

Then there is the acting of course in something other than Shakespeare and Jane Austen; The Tall Guy, Junior, Harry Potter films, Nanny McPhee and the wife without that necklace in Love Actually. Emma Thompson has some pretty good films in her bag and her skill in writing has also led her to an Oscar as well.

And then one day she gets a note from Peter, would you mind awfully Emma as you are a bit of a devil having a go at giving me a new adventure. Who is Peter?

Peter Rabbit in the Beatrix Potter Garden at Birnham

Well Peter Rabbit of course. And so is born the delightful book The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit and I could not resist such a book. It reminds me of childhood, the stories, the cheeky Peter, the wonderful artwork and the even more wonderful Beatrix Potter who one must admire from afar for all that she did. (Another film mention to Miss Potter, which is a delight)

I read it twice and then lent it to my mum, who in her enthusiasm for it posted this on Facebook:

News for all mothers of children under 80 I have just read the ‘Peter Rabbit’ book written by Emma Thompson. It’s a follow on from Beatrix Potter’s stories. Brilliant and excellent art work. A must for the Christmas lists.Back to the book. It’s £5.84* from Amazon instead of £12.99. xx 

Now I was always told to listen to your mother!

*Please note that the price reflected in the comment above may not be the price when you go and look at Amazon.