Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death – M.C. Beaton

Here we are again with good old Agatha (although don’t tell her I said old!). She is still in Carsely, bored and fed up with the fact that her former beau and neighbour James is distancing himself even more from her. She still drags herself to the Carsely Ladies Society where she mainly just sits and listens to the ladies and the villages latest woes.

This time round it is about the environment. A water company wants to tap into a spring in the neighbouring village but it seems people are divided, no more so than the parish council. Agatha suddenly finds herself not retired again as she goes to work as a freelance PR for said water company. With her close proximity to the village and even more so to one of the company directors she seems the ideal person to put the ‘right’ point of view across.

That is until the chairman turns up dead. And it was Agatha who discovered him.

And so begins a normal few days for Agatha; trying to get over the shock of keep discovering all these bodies as well as the normal input from Bill Wong the local policeman and his inability to keep hold of girlfriends, James sudden interest in Agatha again because now there is a crime to solve, Roy an ex colleague of Agatha’s who seems to survive in the PR world still on her coat tails and Mrs Bloxby, the faithful vicar’s wife dispensing comfort and tea. All the while Agatha is trying to remain, svelte like and beautiful and really sort her own love life out then she might actually be happy.

All the key elements to a great yarn from M.C. Beaton and this is another one ticked off the long list that this author has produced (and continues to do so). It sets the scene for the next book and actually the lack of the ‘will he, won’t he’ element of Agatha’s relationship with James was quite refreshing. I dislike Agatha so much that actually i think she is fantastic character and must be a delight to write. I simply just dislike James and find him rather weak and he needs a good shake! It is this thread of a storyline which runs through from book one. But can be picked up just as well in this book, book seven.

One of the best cosy murder mystery authors around.

I so want to pick up the next book in the series, and just indulge…….

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