Wedding Tiers – Trisha Ashley

Friendships that start at school can last a lifetime. That is the case for Josie and Libby. Thrown together when Josie having lost both her parents has to start at a new school now she lives with her Granny in a cottage in Neatslake, Lancashire. It is up to Libby to show her round and befriend her. Then they probably did not realise how life was going to turn out for them both. But friendships like theirs never dies.

Some years later Libby returns to the village she never thought she would, with two marriages behind her which left her very comfortably off and one rather sulky teenager daughter, she falls head over heels with a man who is selling the crumbling house she always wanted to live in. Can she now save this house and find happiness back there?

Josie, has never left she has become part of the village and village life. The cottage becoming hers when her Granny dies. She continues to plant, weed and harvest in her garden. Her products are turned into cakes, pies, jams and some particularly lethal pea pod wine. On the side she makes the most magnificent and rather eclectic quirky wedding cakes. Then she spends her time writing wry observations about her almost self sufficient life for an online magazine. Which also chronicles her time with the Artist. Ben is his name and he has been a part of Josie’s life since she arrived in the village.

What more could these two women want? Well actually it is not a case of what they want but what others want and what develops is a true Trisha Ashley story where everyone pitches in to help with the latest project, in this case Libby’s new business adventure. Then when Josie’s life is turned upside down, she suddenly sees what she may have been missing since living in Neatslake and not venturing really any further than the end of her garden.

In fact the book is so rich in content, like Josie’s produce that it is far too easy to give something away unintentionally. All I will say is, if you are looking for a novel that has it all, life’s ups and down’s, romance, cooking, quirky individuals and where dreams come true through sheer hard work then you can do no wrong in picking up this novel. It is a really chunky novel at over 350 pages and for that you are getting so much! Enjoy.

I am starting to run out of Trisha’s books to read. I have A Winter’s Tale on my shelf which precedes this novel and I am looking forward to dedicating a weekend in the winter to read that. Tea and cake at the ready! 

After that I am going to have to seek out the rest of her novels that remain unread. They are a great tonic.

I recently interviewed Trisha on this blog and if you missed out on that then please go back and have a look here and find out more about one of my favourite authors!