The Inn at Eagle Point – Sherryl Woods

Abby has spent a number of years away from her home town of Chesapeake Shores only popping back when is needed for family celebrations. However her sister, Jess has always been at home. Being the youngest of the family and the one who was affected most by their parents separation, she feels she has something to prove to everyone.

Jess has a dream of running the Inn at Chesapeake Shores and that dream is becoming a reality but it is coming at a cost a financial cost. Figures and money are not Jess’ strong point. The only place she can turn after the bank issue an ultimatum is her sister Abby.

Abby is the high flying financial whizz and returns to help Jess. Everything should be fine, but the bank’s ultimatum was issued with one simple prerequisite and it is that which suddenly keeps Abby in Chesapeake Shores for longer than a day. Not only does the upheaval affect her, but her children and her ex-husband. Family tensions are stretched to the limit. Will the Inn ever have the grand opening it deserves?

This is a lovely escapist novel where rather than featuring on a number of community characters it is a family orientated one and Abby O’Brien Winters is obviously the choice for this novel. To tighten the setting of the novel, the O’Brien’s  had a hand in building the community and the escapist descriptions of the area, washes over you in delight as you start to get involved with the characters. You can see as the book progress how each of her siblings, her parents and related family will all become stars in their own right as the series of books progresses.

If you are looking for a new series of books in the vein of Debbie Macomber then I can see this series will be ideal for you and The Inn at Eagle Point is the first.

I am torn with this novel. It covers some serious issues such as divorce and family breakdown, disabilities as well as good old fashioned romance and it is done well. Why am I torn? I think it is because I don’t think I can get into another “series” at the moment. Much as I want to. 

For me at the moment the similarity to Debbie Macomber is quite strong and it has reminiscent of her Cedar Cove series. I do know that Macomber has now released the first in a new series of books (her Cedar Cove one is at an end and I only have a few to catch up on) and that book is called The Inn at Rose Harbor (American spelling). Mmm can you see what I am thinking? 

I think the decision to be made here is that I need to finish the Cedar Cove series (one of my 2012 challenges) and then perhaps see what I feel like in reading another series so similar. I can always keep Sherryl Woods in my back pocket for the  future! 


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