Weekend in Paris – Robyn Sisman

Molly has worked hard at her job, but she gets no thanks for it. Despite going above and beyond her role for her boss by even buying his coffee and collecting his dry cleaning. It all seems worth it for Molly; she is being allowed to accompany him to Paris for a conference. Perhaps now her hard work will be acknowledged. But overhearing a conversation about his real intention of getting her to Paris , Molly resigns in a fit of pique.

Continuing on this rather un-Molly like behaviour she decides to go to Paris , and ends up with a weekend completely different from any she has had before. Gorgeous food, wine, dancing and men in one of the most romantic cities of the world where your life can change. Perhaps not for Molly, but certainly her outlook changes and the past she has hankered after suddenly becomes the present.

I picked up this book because I wanted something light and easy to read. However I got a book which was too light and boring to read. I know you suspended disbelief when you read, with this book it is more apparent than normal. I did not believe in the characters, for me they were one dimensional and had no substance in them that I could feel any sort of empathy. Some of the scenarios were amusing but simply that. The one saving grace for the book is the descriptions of Paris . The author captures the city at night, during the day and the whole atmosphere; a veritable travel guide. For me it felt like I was in Paris, experiencing so much, it was just a shame the actual plot and characters made it seem like a seedy backstreet of Paris, not a glorious avenue which it could have been.

For me this book was disappointing. For others they loved it. That is the joy of reading.

This was a book, that I picked up in a whim in a charity shop. Seemed like my sort of book for escaping for a comfortable read. Never mind. Reading other reviews of the book, Robyn Sisman other novels are a bit stronger and perhaps one day I will pick up another one to read. 

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