A Perfect Proposal – Katie Fforde

Sophie is cleverer than she looks. She would have to be to put up with the family that she puts up with.

They do not think much of Sophie, she is there and exists for their benefit not her own. Not academic like her father, artistic like her mother, or scholarly like her brother, or married off with 2.4 children like her other siblings. Sophie is unique, and I liked the way that she actually managed to escape and to live her life. 

When the opportunity to make some money, to fund a potential course for a future career, Sophie jumps at the chance of going to New York to be a nanny for a couple of weeks. But when she gets there and finds that the job has fallen through, Sophie sees the bright side and still is determined to enjoy her adventure abroad.

Sophie has always helped people, and when an old lady suddenly falls to the ground at a New York Art exhibition, Sophie is first on hand to offer some tender loving care. Meeting, Matilda changes Sophie’s life and Matilda’s. Matilda can now reminisce of the lovely time  she spent in England, in a house she still dreams about. Whilst Sophie gets to experience life at the high-end of Manhattan society. Nothing ever is easy, and when Matilda’s grandson the protective, wealthy and successful Luke appears on the scene, he thinks that Sophie is only after one thing.

But neither of them banked on Matilda and her wily ways and the proposals she has to make.

Another great story from Katie Fforde, where the characters have enough depth for you to be completely infuriated with in differing degrees. Luke for so being buttoned up and believing the wrong people  and Sophie’s family for being so uncaring and money grabbing. Matilda for being the feisty woman she obviously has been and not the arrogant American she could have been portrayed as. Even down to the owner of the Bed and Breakfast, Moira who I wanted to go and pour out all my troubles and be made bacon sandwiches and drink cups of tea.

There is something about Katie’s novels which are so much more than chick-lit where no doubt it gets pigeonholed quite frequently. Simply good old-fashioned romances with a good old-fashioned story. What more could you want from a book?

For some reason this book reminded me of Fifty Shades of Grey – it reminded me first of all that this is a far better book and story but, Luke had an element of Christian Grey about him. His manner, the way he needs control just reminded me of  the infamous Mr Grey. Luckily Luke lost this quite early on, and it was only his so called friend and colleague Ali who seemed to have her claws out and wanted complete control of Luke that the comparisons flashed into my head again. Here I will note that I have recently read Fifty Shades of Grey and it was also my book club choice so it has been uppermost in my mind (though I wish it wasn’t) which is where the comparisons have come from. 

This was a great novel, Sophie and her eccentric parts of her family, the prospect of a ‘big house’ and so much more brought a thoroughly enjoyable read and I am so glad I have found Katie Fforde.