Olympic Flames – Emma Lee Potter

What better way to start the fever of the Olympics by reading a story using the Olympics, London, the athletes village and the  much sought after gold medal as background and plot. This is what Emma Lee Potter has done in this short story. 

Mimi Carter is not your typical show jumper. She has worked from nothing, without a privileged back ground starting at mucking out the local stables. She is spotted by someone who thinks she has potential. And so she does and finds herself the youngest member of the show jumping team representing her country in 2012.

But a face from the past jumps into the show ground and perhaps Mimi is too young to win a gold and really just wants to have her heart won?

If you are a reader of such women’s fiction or chic-lit then this book is predictable and you will know the outcome from the moment, the man from the past appears. Quite frankly, who cares. This is a lovely book to escape with and brings to life the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the Olympics well enough to get you in the mood.

The Olympics are going ot touch everyone in differnt ways, whether you are a fan or not. Whether you want to watch 24 hours worth of olympic coverage. If you are going. The travelling, the voloutneering, the torch relay it is affecting us all as well as in our pockets. 

The cynic in me says this little story is cashing in on the Olympic, but so what if it is. A nice diversion from an author I have never read before, but may look at reading some of her other works.