Living Dangerously – Katie Fforde

Polly is resolutely single, certainly no man in her life. Just her, friends, in particular Bridget and her children, her job part time at the local Whole Nut Cafe, her hobby that is more a calling of pottery, and her ramshackle little home, with enough space for and her cat, Selina.

David is a widower, with no woman in his life. He has his work as a wine merchant, taking him around the area and abroad, two rather differing teenage sons, one away at university, the other, Patrick deciding to take another path in life, a large very clinical house, a mantelpiece full of invitations embossed on posh card and a rather interesting housekeeper.

Polly bumps into Melissa a friend from school who invites her to dinner. Melissa mixes in the social circles that Polly does not, Melissa mixes in David’s social circle.

And so the novel really gets going with the most unlikely couple suddenly been thrown into many situations, quite a lot of them with David’s son Patrick who seems to be inadvertently pushing them together. Polly is doing everything in the meantime to escape.

And Polly escapes with so much humour and bad luck that it made me cry with laughter and remember all those social situations where you will do almost anything to get out of there. So what if local cats are waiting outside the door for the residents cat who happens to be in season, so what if actually the petrol gauge decides to really tell the truth about how much is left or not left in the account.

A light novel, were you can fall in love with the characters, and hope that they come to their senses. Rather Austenesque with Lizzie and Darcy, with a touch of the Bridget Jones as some reviewers have mentioned but all rather more grown up and with a story that paces along quite nicely. If you also like me love people to hate as well or at least despise them (for here see Melissa!) this book can oblige as well. Some people just need to breakdown with no petrol and the wrong shoes on to know what life is exactly like!!! This book is rounded enough to fulfil a pleasant couple of days and is ideal for a beach read or a curled up on the sofa read.

I have come rather late to the Katie Fforde party, and only read one previous novel a matter of weeks ago – Paradise Fields . I spotted this novel in the library whilst on holiday and thought well what are you waiting for! And I did not. I have chosen the cover of the book that I actually picked up in the library as opposed to the most recent cover. 

I have since picked up two more books in a charity shop and they are on the pile to be read! In fact who knows by the time this post is published and you are reading it as you are now, I may well have read another. 

Before I go, please indulge me whilst I share this photo which I have taken of the text of the book. Not because I have gone madder than normal, but because someone, presumably a previous reader from the library has felt compelled enough to make a correction.

I hope all further readers have appreciated this persons graffiti! It made me smile. 

4 thoughts on “Living Dangerously – Katie Fforde

  1. I read this when it first came out (it had a much nicer cover but apparently this one is more commercial). I absolutely loved it, it was fresh, it was funny, I can still remember finishing it and having that feeling of ‘Please, please let me forget the details really, really soon so I can go back and re-read it.’

  2. I loved the sound of this so much I’ve just nabbed it off Amazon for my Kindle. Thanks for reviewing it, I’m in the mood for just such a book.

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