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Super-Cute Felt

Although I review all the books I read, I as a rule do not review books like the one pictured above; non fiction books in this case – a craft book. Followers of the blog will know that besides the reading I do a lot of crafts. I spotted this book in an advert and fell in love with the colours. Bright and cheerful. Lucky for me, my mum went and bought me a copy so I can indulge.

This is a great book I think for starting anyone off on some crafts. There are lots of different ideas, pictures and ways of displaying the felt. The cover of the book does give you some idea of what is inside and I wish I could show you more pictures, but if you head over to Amazon and you can ‘click’ to look inside!

Great clear instructions, lists for the type of materials you will need and what will work well. Clear explanation of the stitches and the best way of cutting the felt. I find this particularly tricky and might need to invest in some better scissors! At the back there is all the templates, which have made good use of the space of the book. This is certainly not a book where the majority of it is templates and not much else. These can be photocopied and also enlarged them as well, and they came out fine.

So with the combination of this book, the felt I had bought at last years Knitting and Stitching Show from Blooming Felt  and felt, buttons and findings as a Christmas present, it made sense to do something with it all. The photo below is the result.

This was for my mum for Mother’s Day. It required a bit of planning, as I had given her the plant pot, which I had decopatched a while back so I asked for it back, which resulted in a number of questions. As did when I needed to borrow a saw so I could get the green garden cane (bargain in Wilkinson’s!) to the appropriate length! Anyway she had no idea what I was doing and she absolutely loves it! In fact so do I.

My only decision now is what do I make next from the book?

Laura Howard the author of this book runs her own blog Bugs and Fishes where you can find ideas, tutorials, more information about Laura and lots of other crafty stuff as well.

5 thoughts on “Super-Cute Felt

  1. Reviews of craft books are always useful – there are so many of them out there and it’s sometimes difficult to pick. I love the idea of working with felt – my mother still has a needlecase I made in junior school – but I have so much stashed yarn and so many queued patterns, and so I much stick to knitting for now.

  2. Wow, what a super present. No wonder your mum was delighted 🙂 I wish I was a bit more crafty. I have been tempted by many felt projects, so maybe I should give this craft a go.

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