Jottings #3 – Spring, Swimming, Safety & Shopping

Bank Holiday weather for some is snow!

Sometimes there is a lot to share with those that read the blog, and it is difficult to keep up the momentum of posts whether it is links, pictures, articles or even some of my own thoughts. By the time I have thought I would like to share with you all, the moment has sort of passed, but as it is a bank holiday today – I thought it might be a good time for some jottings, whilst everyone is a bank holiday sort of mood.

Swimming and Safety

For March I have swam 14.5km which compared to Verity is a mere dip however, my times and length are improving and I hit the 50 lengths in half an hour and I am very pleased. I am not training for anything in particular but merely challenging myself to challenge myself. If that makes any sense. I have always enjoyed swimming right from a nipper and so glad it has continued into adulthood.

Gym and classes are a relatively new discovery for me and I have surprised myself by enjoying it all. I absolutely hated sports at school, the only thing I was good at was having all the correct kit and having it named. Apparently the two teachers used to have a bet whether I would have something missing each term. I only found this out when in my last term I did have something missing, but they let me off because of my previous good record! If they could see me now, I do wonder what they would think.

What I have noticed is the way swimming pools have changed in the years that I have been swimming, especially as I was fortunate enough to live in the flat next door to one for four years whilst my dad was the manager. Now everything is so safety conscious – so there are pools where you can only swim widths not lengths, as it is easier for the lifeguards to monitor. But the one that at the moment, makes me smile as I walk past is the sign found below

I would like to know who thinks that a swimming pool floor would not be wet? There is not actually one of these signs when you enter the pool where I swim but on some days three. Surely I am more likely to injure myself tripping over them than the wet floor that I know will be wet because I am in a swimming pool! When I went swimming with my dad Wednesday just gone, he said

“why have they got wet floor signs?”

“Dad, don’t get me started, I am starting to sound like you”.

The apple in this instance did not fall far from the tree!


Now as a book blog we all love a good book shop, whether it is a small local one or a chain. Mary Portas (The Queen of Shops) writes in The Telegraph on various shops she visits and gives her Shop! report. Do read the one on Waterstones it makes quite interesting reading.

The Stylist Magazine

Not that I am trying to encourage shopping but all things S!

I found out about The Stylist magazine through some people I follow on Twitter and always like their book posts and there is plenty to choose from, but here is there Hot April Book Releases . I recommend The Light Between Oceans and I have Pictures at an Exhibition and Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace waiting to be read.

I hope you all have a pleasant bank holiday weekend. What ever it is you may be doing, and I hope the weather is not too bad!

As you may have notice I have been giving the blog a bit of a spring clean. Apologies if this was messing with your head whilst I was deciding on a background! 

4 thoughts on “Jottings #3 – Spring, Swimming, Safety & Shopping

  1. Your swimming is awesome! Health and safety amuses me so much – today at a new pool we stopped at on the way home a 50m pool with 10 lanes (but divided into 3 sections so not 50m today, but 25) there were THREE lifeguards in the 25m swimming bit, all poised on the edge and clutching at their lifefloats. I felt they were almost disappointed that they hadn’t needed to dive in so far today

  2. Wet floor signs is almost as good as the this may be hot warning on Macdonalds hot chocolate cups, just keep thinking to myself I should hope it is! Cold chocolate is not what I ordered 😛

    Hope you have a lovely bank holiday, and Easter. I’m planning a lot of time in bed with a book, tea, and biscuits.

  3. Well done on the swimming! 🙂 I’ve not been too well recently (a complete lack of energy to do anything) and I’m wondering wheather swimming might be a way of gradually getting some exercise (I haven’t been for years!).

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