8 Sandpiper Way – Debbie Macomber

Back for my eighth visit to Cedar Cove and it feels like I am back with old friends and new this time.

Rachel and Bruce are hurtling towards their marriage and although Jolene’s matchmaking seems to have paid off, suddenly things are going too fast and is this what Jolene really wants? Love is in the air for James, Teri and Bobby Polgar’s chauffeur and Teri’s sister Christie but again the matchmaking is not going according to plan. What is lurking in the past?

Judge Olivia is having time off from the courtroom whilst she fights her own personal health battle which has everyone worrying about her. Her husband Jack; local newspaper editor.Her daughter Justine; ready to open up a tea room after her restaurant was razed to the ground. Her mother Charlotte; enjoying retirement with her knitting needles forever knitting. Her friend Grace; local librarian and even the Pastor; Dave Fleming has been calling round to give support.

However, Dave seems to be having problems of his own and his wife, Emily has started to get suspicious. There are the earrings found in a pocket, but never given to her. Then a phone call about a gold watch dropped whilst visiting. Something is not right and Emily comes to conclusions. Naively Dave does nothing to help the matter and it looks like a strong marriage is about to disintegrate because more than one person is not telling the truth. The local Sheriff , Troy Davis might have to get involved.

Troy has his own concerns as his past is in the present when Faith an old flame moves into Cedar Cove and his future, his daughter Megan decides she knows how her widowed father should live. Tensions are readily being built for the next instalment and we are off to 92 Pacific Boulevard.

These are my comfort read and I devoured this quite quickly at a weekend, it is like catching up with your favourite soap opera as all the characters are there and they pop in and out of the book  with ease. It is easy how you remember them all and how they fit in the community. I enjoyed this book as I really wanted to know what was happening with Pastor Fleming and the missing jewellery as I could not see how it would all resolve itself. Of course it did but in some ways the book made me think about how naive some people can be and sometimes you cannot take things on face value.  

I look forward to the next instalment and if I had it to hand I think would have just carried on reading to catch up with all the goings on as it is quite addictive.  In the meantime this is another book off my challenge list for 2012 which is great. 

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