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Family Traditions #2

Decorative tile that actually hangs in my parent's kitchen.

“Gravy Warning” 

A little while back I shared some of my family traditions. You know those things that only mean something to those it concerns. A kind of own language and laughter which is only relevant to those in the family circle. A secret society. It got me thinking after sharing with you about “Pinch Punch” other traditions that only make sense to us. Please allow me this time to indulge a little bit more and feel free to share if you have any family traditions.

So this time it is Gravy Warning. In basic terms it means that dinner is imminent. In longer terms, gravy is just about to be poured on the dinner and that whatever it is you are doing, wherever you are in the house, generally reading or writing, knitting or sewing, needs to be stopped and get yourself to the dinner table. Or the dinner will go cold.

It comes from an off the cuff remark when my mum said that dinner was ready and I said you need to give me a warning when you are putting the gravy on. And thus “gravy warning” was born.

To go with the tile, I saw this clock and with Mothering Sunday happening......