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Jottings #2

Got off to a cracking start in March with 4 book finishes and seem to be enjoying reading at the moment. This is great because work is rather frustrating and I am just merely going through the motions at the moment. I know it is simply a phase and I will come out of it, but it is rather disheartening whilst you are in it.

For comfort other than reading, there has to be eating and for their to be eating there has to be cooking. Another phase at the moment I am going through is the not losing weight phase, and deja vu I know it is simply a phase and I will come out of it, but it is rather disheartening whilst you are in it. To try and vary things and perhaps kick-start I thought I would try a new recipe out – this one is for roulade/swiss roll. The picture (of the only slice left) is above. It is merely eggs, quark, sweetener and baking powder, no fat, no flour and a great thing to eat on my diet (I really need to find another word than diet – any ideas?) I was a bit dubious but gave it a go and the picture above is my 3rd attempt. I have not quite got right the flat shallow tin issue sorted yet, but having limited kitchen equipment tests the best of us. Hence why it is on a container lid.

Something else I have not quite got right yet is this flaming digital switchover – it was my regions turn and I was not phased by it all, happy to re-tune. However the HDD recorder I have started playing up the last week, I think because whenever you turn it on the message comes up that you need to re-tune.

I have returned, I have reset, I have done what is called apparently in my workplace a Dockyard Reset (this means turning it off at the wall, leaving it, going and having a cup of tea, coming back, switching it back on and praying that it works) So defeated, I emailed said producers of recorder – answer do a ‘factory’ reset! Gulp this was what I was resisting, the reason being the beauty of a HDD recorder means I can tape stuff and watch it later and save up to about 84 hours of TV. A factory reset means wiping all this out – so I will never know who won the Celebrity Great British Bake Off, I cannot laugh at some old Morecambe and Wise, I still have Just William to watch from 2 (yes 2!) Christmas’ ago, Calamity Jane will have to crack her whip without me, Fred and Ginger will have to dance without me watching. Oh well…….oh it has not got rid of them…..

Since the date, fingers crossed it is ok although it seems to have its moments, mainly the controls. Does pressing the buttons hard make it work? But we have to re-tune again in a couple of weeks time and who knows if the recorder will last until then. It may well take a flight from flat window. Does anyone know if they bounce? No, didn’t think so.

So because of a frustrated recorder which I had set to record the whole series of My Life in Books has gone by the wayside and now I am desperately trying to catch up on the iplayer before they are no longer available. I would have probably blogged about the choices of books and people, had they saved but I think that post must go amiss.

The same goes for The Tube, a fascinating programme about the London Underground and more importantly the wonderful people who make up this rich nation and the lack of patience, manners, vocabulary, sense, bodily functions, temper they have once they descend under the streets of London.

I actually do not watch much television, far less than I used to. Or if anything I am a bit more picky about what I watch.  I stick with the books, a book does not need resetting (e readers aside here at this point folks please!) I do not need to go away from it and make a cup of tea in the hope that it will work, I need the tea and some of that roulade whilst reading the book it is one of life pleasures.

A rather frustrating jottings this time, looking back, but I feel so much better having committed pen to paper or should that be fingers to keyboard.