The Surgeon – Tess Gerritsen

I have come rather late to the party in terms of Tess Gerritsen and the Rizzoli and Isles books. I wanted to see what I was missing and I can see I was missing something good and also that I was entering a new reading genre for me by these books.

Jane Rizzoli is the only female cop in the Homicide department of the Boston  Police Department. (I waited to see where Isles would come in, but I realise now that it is in subsequent books – no matter). She comes across as hard, the only female with something to prove not just to her male colleagues but her family as well. One colleague Thomas Moore is different and he can see that Rizzoli is a good cop although very wary of her, and her partner Barry Frost is the only one who can cope with patience her own personality.

All of the department are brought together when three women are assaulted in rather a gruesome tortuous manner with some sort of message in the mind of the perpetrator. One of them for whatever reason survives – Catherine Cordell who two years later is still suffering when a copycat killer suddenly appears in Boston.

It is up to the homicide department to try and piece together unrelated links and information and see if they can catch the criminal before any more women die. The perpetrator has one thing in their sights – Catherine Cordell and she is pivotal to the whole investigation.

This is page turner of a book and I was hooked pretty much straight away. This is not a genre I would have chosen and the attention to detail is paramount to making this believable and genuine. That kept me going throughout the book, I did feel lost at points with some of the technical jargon both medical and police procedural but I think that was because these are set in America and I had to skew my brain to accommodate it but actually I think by keeping going all of the loose ends literally tied into place and I could see what a fast paced thriller this was and I cannot wait to devour the next.

If you like a dose of both medicine and crime then I feel this series of books is a must read.

Me I am always late, I have read reviews of these books on other blogs and thought that perhaps that this is not for me. I am not one for such graphic gruesome books and when they are set in America I somewhat think they will be rather vapid and actually no good. How wrong I was with Tess Gerritsen. She now has a new fan and I am glad I have a few now to catch up on. 

I am also wondering why on earth I decided to read this book  now. For that I do not know the answer to, I was after something different I suppose and thought perhaps this would fit the bill. It did and I am intrigued if there are any more authors out there who I have been avoiding for unknown reasons that I really should be reading? 

5 thoughts on “The Surgeon – Tess Gerritsen

  1. It’s always good to try something a little different. Sometimes you find a new love and sometimes you find a literary palate cleanser. I read this and a few authors a few years ago, but this type of book doesn’t really appeal to me now. I’m more drawn to stories driven by characters and psychology and the golden age of crime fiction.

  2. Love this series, I think you’ll find they just get better and better. Isles appears in book 2 I think. My favourite so far is Body Double… book 5 or 6. And I’ve just finished one of Gerritsen’s earlier standalone books, Presumed Guilty. I prefer Rizzoli and Isles but it actually was not at all bad.

  3. I’ve read this one and thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve bought some of the later books in the series and readlly must get around to reading them.

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