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Acquisitions #1

I cannot believe that I have yet to talk about the book I was lucky enough to get at Christmas and those that I chose to buy. A real vast range of books when I think about it.

From top to  bottom

Pam Ayres – The Necessary Aptitude. Funny lady and Christmas would not be Christmas without a decent autobiography. There were not many to choose from this time round I felt.

Gervase Phinn – The Little Village School. Gervase tries his hand at fiction as opposed to the wonderful recollections of his previous books.

Sinead Moriarty – Me and My Sisters. Sinead’s latest novel, cannot wait to start it.

Bobbie Darbyshire – Love, Revenge and Buttered Scones. Not sure why I picked this one, I think it might have popped up on an Amazon recommendation and thought I would give it ago, then again it could have been another reason.

Caitlin Davies – The Ghost of Lily Painter. A spellbinding novel which combines rich writing with a sinister period in London’s history – According to Amazon.

Graham McCann – Only Fools and Horses. Non fiction about one of television’s best comedy programmes. As you can see from the bookmark I have already started it!

Being off meant I was poking about in lots of charity shops as you can sometimes pick up some little bargains.

Mary Stewart – Thornyhold. I have seen lots about Mary Stewart on all the blogs I read and so wanted to join in and see what I was missing out on. So therefore when I saw this recent edition it just said buy me and read me!

Suzzane Arruda – Mark of the Lion & The Serpent’s Daughter. Came upon this by chance, picked up from the cover and realised they were a discovery of some more murder mystery, described as Miss Marple meets Indiana Jones. Anyone read these before?

Sebastian Faulks – A Week in December. It is a long time since I have read anything by Faulks and fancied to give his latest book a go.

A holiday for me would not be a holiday without a visit to a bookshop, my local Waterstones to be precise. This is the first time I had been since the new management had got rid of all the 3 for 2 offers and I was rather intrigued. There was a good selection of books on offer, books from 2011 and before as well as some new ones plus plenty on sale it being that time of the year.

I aimed for some authors I had not heard of before and some I had but not read and I knew I was hankering after at some point.

Stella Gibbons – Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm. This was a sale book, and again had been seen on many blogs. I want to read Cold Comfort Farm as I remember watching the BBC programme when I was young and loved it, but never got round to reading it. Perhaps I need to wait until next Christmas though to read it?

Paula McLain – The Paris Wife. I bought this before it became a Richard and Judy book, which means it will obviously be a cover that we see a lot of in coming weeks. I picked it up because it has Ernest Hemingway in the Jazz Age in Paris. This book might lead to other more interesting reads.

Sherryl Woods – The Inn at Eagle Point. Followers of this blog know that I read Debbie Macomber and this I spotted on Amazon as a recommend because they are of a similar ilk to Macomber. Always good to try something new but in a familiar genre.

L R Fredericks – Farundell A debut novel, which sounds interesting and is the beginning of a series where the characters will feature again.  Set after the First World War and features a ‘big’ house which always captures my attention.

Sinclair McKay – The Secret Life of Bletchley Park. I visited Bletchley Park back in November 201o and loved it, I wanted to read more and I did get a book whilst I was there, which I cannot seem to find (I think it has got to my mums) but it did not go into much depth. I am hoping that this book does.

Normally I only go in Waterstones about three times a year but with the changes in there I can see me popping in again and well that will go against my challenge to not buy any books I have got some points and a they gave me a card to get stamped once spent £50.

I am intrigued as to how many books I will get this year, as I have more than enough to keep me going for a while.  Just have to wait and see, I think I set myself this challenge and the real challenge is how long does it take before I break this challenge!

Anyone read any of these? Not wishing to brag about what books I have acquired as I realise sometimes these posts can be like that. I just want to share with other readers what books are out there in the hope of inspiring some others to buy and look at or share with me if they have read then. I pick up many ideas for books this way from other bloggers.


7 thoughts on “Acquisitions #1

  1. I have A Week in December too but not read it yet. I’ve never read any Faulks, so I really should get around to it …

    And I’ve heard so many good things about The Paris Wife.

  2. Looks like you’ve got some great books there! I enjoyed The Ghost of Lily Painter, but I haven’t read any of the others. I’ll be interested to see what you think of Thornyhold – I love Mary Stewart!

  3. What a wonderfully diverse selection of books you have got there. I love to hear what new books people have got.

    The one I’m most interested to hear about is Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm, as I read Cold Comfort Farm last year and loved it. I have read one review of this new book which wasn’t really here nor there whether I should give it a go or not. Apparently only one of the stories involves Christmas so you migth be alright reading it now.

  4. What a load of interesting books. I’ve only read Thornyhold and Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm and enjoyed them both. You’re going to be very busy and I’m sure I’ll be adding some of these authors to my list. Bletchley Park too has been added to my other list of places to visit in Britain.

  5. Smashing that ‘Love, Revenge & Buttered Scones’ is in your pile. Thank you for mentioning it, and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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