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Collective Nouns

What is the collective noun for Gingerbread Men? A glut? An army?

This is my second attempt, I made some last year that I did not take a photo of but also when thrown out to the birds even they did not eat them. (Note – the birds in my mums garden. I did not lob inedible malformed gingerbread men out of my flat window. Think of Health & Safety!)

However, new recipe and new food mixer (Christmas Vouchers) this is the result. My cutter I think makes them, too fat looking and I admit that some are thinner in terms of thickness than others. The recipe says it makes 20 I got at least 35, probably would have had more if I did not eat the mixture. I am going to get a new cutter, a small one so that I can get lots and lots out of the mixture and that way not feel so guilty about eating them. They were delicious and perhaps needed to be more gingery according to my dad. So I am going to make another batch at some point. I did not decorate them with icing (also noted by my dad), I was so pleased that they actually worked and looked reasonable and were edible I just did not ice them. I did not want to run before I could walk, or should that be “Ice before I could cook”?

All suggestions for collective nouns welcome. In the meantime just for fun here are a few other collectives (?):

  • A stack of librarians
  • An expectation of midwives
  • A flush of plumbers
  • A body of pathologists
  • A yearning of yesterdays
  • A break of winds

Words and the English language is just simply marvellous!


9 thoughts on “Collective Nouns

  1. I always overbake my gingerbread men because I forget/don’t allow for the fact that they crisp up and go harder when you take them out of the oven.

    Yours look scrummy 🙂

    1. It came with the flat, the carpet not the gingerbreadmen! It is a pain to keep clean and I would so like a new one, one day.

  2. I like army and glut but what about a gang of gingerbread men? I’m with your dad I like them iced or with raisin or chocolate chip eyes.

    Collective nouns – I love: exulatation of larks and murder of crows.

    1. Gang I think wins it. I have now been bought a family of gingerbread men cutters so when I have Lost a few pounds I will make them again and try out the icing this time.

  3. Mmmm ginger bread men, love em! My dad has promised me a food processor for my birthday, hopefully get it this weekend. Am looking forward to making soup, cakes, and biscuits with it.

    I like a gaggle of geese 🙂

  4. In the Pink Floyd song “Bike” Syd Barrett says that he has a “Clan” of Gingerbread men. I guess “Clan” might have too much of a negative stigma to be used though.

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