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The Last Christmas Card

I was not very good this year and made hardly any cards (Christmas), however I did make and send one to the little girl of one of my neighbours. I had made her mum one for her birthday and she was enamoured with it, so thought it would be a nice little gift.

That was not my intention when I was finishing the back stitching, as it is meant to say ‘Merry Xmas’ but with a sudden flash of inspiration I changed it to her name. I hope she liked it.

All the Cross Stitching magazines out at this time of year say now is the time to start making the cards for next year, and perhaps I may well do when I feel like stitching something small. But I have got back into my stitching work which is called ‘The Library’. Checking back the last picture I showed you was in July 2011 (shock horror!) but I took it with me to my mum’s over Christmas for something to do on Christmas Eve and it has grown a bit more. I have picked it up since then as well but I am going to have to buy some more thread soon, as I have run out of some colours but want to make my order worthwhile, so going to keep going until I have exhausted the threads I do have left.

The Library - July 2011

And so for a more recent update

The Library - Dec 2011

Seeing the two pictures, makes me want to try and get it finished in 2012 at least! Although I might have to intersperse it with other knitting and the like, so much choice, so little time.

4 thoughts on “The Last Christmas Card

  1. Oh gosh, it can’t be time to start doing Christmas cards yet?! I do start to think about it in august or September as it is so time consuming. I did well this year being confined to the house for nearly a week with mumps – that helped a lot! Your big design is coming on well, far better than my wedding sampler which I have abandoned again 😦

  2. Wow that is impressive. I’m afraid cross-stitch isn’t something I’ve had a serious go at, would like to get back into my knitting though this year.

  3. Your stitching is lovely but I know that feeling of having so many things that you want to do. It’s so tempting to go on to something new, which is why I have a Beatrix Potter cross stitch which is unfinished after over 20 years!

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