Angels at Christmas – Debbie Macomber

Christmas would not be Christmas I have decided without a Christmas book by Debbie Macomber. This year I picked up Angels at Christmas which comprises of two short stories featuring the angels Shirley, Mercy and Goodness who are all prayer ambassadors.

A prayer is made on earth and it gets to heaven where Gabriel then decides who is most suited to help out. Needless to say the three angels mentioned are normally low down on his list as they have a tendency to take life on earth to new levels.

In the first story, Those Christmas Angels Anne Fletcher wants only one thing for her son Roy to be happy and settle down. Anne has moved on from her divorce from Roy’s father but Roy has not and he believes he is at fault for what happened and has lost trust in himself and all women. Christmas is another day to be endured like all the others when he can then go back to work. Enter Julie into his life literally in his way on more than one occasion and with a little help from Shirley, Mercy and Goodness Roy begins to soften towards Christmas and perhaps Julie if she was not just so infuriating!

In the second story, Where Angels Go, the three are sent back to help individual cases as Gabriel sees fit, playing on their strengths and knowing their weakness for a bit of mischief on earth. Shirley needs to grant one boys wish for a dog for Christmas but his parents are struck by economic hard times. Shirley though cannot seem to control what is happening.

Mercy needs to bring peace of mind to an elderly man who knows this Christmas will be his last but needs to make his wife understand that she can live without him but she needs to do so where she will have the best care and attention he can no longer give her until she also joins him in heaven.

Goodness is playing matchmaker this time round. She needs to make a young woman see that resentment for a broken first marriage does not make all subsequent marriages and relationships doomed. However, Goodness may be too late when the woman has found someone but their virtual relationship is about to take a completely unexpected turn.

I understand that these books are compilations of other previous Debbie Macomber novels, be careful if you have read any of Macomber’s Angel series of books. These are a lovely Christmas read, and amongst all the angels and the prayers, which some might find a bit clichéd and perhaps unbelievable. I like to think there is a guardian angel out there in whatever form looking out for us, and perhaps if it works like these angels in these stories then great. Heart warming stories to make you laugh, weep and also think about what is magic and how we can change our own destinies.

This is a lovely Christmassy read. Even more so because the book is covered in glitter, although it does not seem to come off? It has really cheered up the two days it took me to read it and restored my faith in some things. It was nice to escape into these stories, when life was not going the way I thought it would and people were being particularly annoying! 

Note to myself though; I must pay attention to Debbie Macomber’s Christmas stories as I would hate to get a book which already had stories in it I had already read. But for now, I will read more of her no doubt in the coming 12 months as I catch up on the Cedar Cove series.