The Christmas Bus – Melody Carson

Edith and her Pastor husband Charles are looking forward to Christmas as they always do where they live in the aptly named Christmas Valley. The town cashes in on its name and it is very much geared towards Christmas with the North Pole Coffee Shop and Mrs. Santa’s Diner and the Shepherd’s Inn.

The Inn is where Edit lives and works, and this year her children have decided not to come home and celebrate but to get on with their lives elsewhere. Edit rather than close the inn for Christmas decides to open it up and welcome guests over the festive period.

What those guests bring are all sorts of different problems with them, Mr Benson on his own wanting to be away from everyone, The Fields who spend their time bickering and arguing, single mum Leslie and her daughter, Megan and a young couple Lauren and Michael with a sad story to tell and finally Myrtle who seems intent on not just disturbing fellow guests lives but also the whole of the town.

As destiny would have it a travelling couple on their way to California have to stop at Christmas Valley and Collin and his heavily pregnant wife Amy find shelter outside the Shepherd’s Inn as at the point of their arrival there is no room.

This is a relatively short story, and just a lovely one, it is perhaps a Christian book but actually it is just a lovely way to tell the story of the nativity at this time of year and perhaps give time for reflection on what goes on in everyone else’s lives as well as your own. Simply a nice book for Christmas.

This was a nice diversion as I was after another Christmassy type read to start my holidays off with and this fitted the bill, especially as the last book was read was a crime thriller! I have a few more Christmas  and winter themed books to read. 

I first found this author last year but did not actually buy any of her books just tried out one sample when I got my kindle. When this came up for free I thought it would be a good way to see if they would interest me. I might try some of her other Christmas books in the future.