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Meme for the year

As many of you know I do not like too many memes on blogs, however I felt this was a good one for mentioning some of the books read this year. Round up posts will inevitably feature heavily towards the end of the month.

In the meantime

I began the day with Bitter Chocolate

On my way to work I saw The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

and walked by Five Little Pigs

to avoid The Water Room

but I made sure to stop at (The Miracle at )Speedy Motors

In the office, my boss said “My Dear I Wanted To Tell You

and sent me to research The Legacy

At lunch with The Weird Sisters

I noticed The Girl on the Cliff

under The Sandalwood Tree

then went back to my desk Matilda

Later, on the journey home, I bought Wild Oats

because I have Far to Go

then settling down for the evening, I picked up The Tapestry of Love

and studied How to be a Woman

before saying goodnight to This Perfect World

Do join in, great to see all the different books we read. Thanks to Cornflower for bringing this to my attention.