Wherever You Are

This song is released on Monday 19 December and is being tipped for this year’s Christmas No 1. Fingers crossed it will reach there and put perhaps X Factor back in its box which is all about the fame, this is about real people, real women.

As someone who works with the military this is a beautiful song and a brilliant achievement whatever happens. It reminds us all that all those who fight for Queen and Country regardless of whether we agree with what our governments get us into has left behind at home people that they love and love them. What more a touching tribute is this song. I admire them all and wish now I had watched the television programme.

Chris Evans is backing this on his Radio 2 Breakfast Show and it is played at least twice during the show. It makes me stop and reflect just for a few minutes. Especially as having just done our Children’s Christmas Party at work and one lady was there with her four children and had not got herself organised to get a photo with Santa (my dad) and her children to send to her husband who is serving in Afghanistan. However, dad Santa made sure that we went and got her back with the children once she had located her phone so she could send it to him as soon as possible. It is the small things which make the biggest impact.