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What to watch….possibly?

I have tried to keep my recommendations and observations on Christmas television to a literature related theme in the main but some of my favourites might just sneak in under the wire.

FilmAbout a Boy –  A good book, having read High Fidelity, and Fever PItch this was the third I read and I have for some reason never read any more of Nick Hornby since.  Hugh Grant is superbly cast in this. 17 Dec ITV1 1315.

Drama – Just Henry. Read Back Home and the wonderful Goodnight Mister Tom by this author, Michelle Magorian. Just Henry is one I have not read and only came across this year, will be watching this certainly. I saw Back Home on television before I read the book and then I discovered Goodnight Mister Tom (26 Dec ITV1 1025) and the rest is history I know I read the books more than once. 18 Dec ITV1 1900

Drama – Young James Herriot. I remember Sunday evenings sat eating some supper in my night things watching All Creatures Great and Small before going to bed. This is the early story of the young Alf Wight the real James Herriot. 18 Dec BBC1 2100

Comedy – The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff. Dickens is everywhere this Christmas no doubt in preparation of the 200th year of birth in 2012. This is a programme combing elements of his books in to something festive and funny! 19 Dec BBC2 2030

Film – The Young Victoria. Not based on a book I know, but this lovely film tells of the story of Queen Victoria in the very early years of her reign where she meets and marries Albert. Some of the truth has been slightly bent for screen however the historical element is ultimately there. Screen writer was Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey. 22 Dec BBC2 2100

Drama – Downton Abbey. Had to follow the obvious link above. Behind the Scenes programme 21 Dec ITV1 1930 and the actual drama one of the prime time Christmas Day Spots, 25 Dec ITV1 2100.

Documentary – The Many Lovers of Miss Jane Austen. 23 Dec BBC2 2100. Jane is getting a bit of an outing this Christmas and with the discovery of a new portrait this year this is followed with another documentary Miss Austen: The Unseen Portrait. 26 Dec BBC2 2100. Earlier in the day there is a plethora of Austen Films; Mansfield Park, Emma and one I have not seen Becoming Jane.

Drama – The Clocks. Christmas would not be Christmas without a new Poirot, though to be honest I do not think a day goes past without at least one episode being shown on ITV3. However this is a new one. 26 Dec ITV1 2100.

Drama – The Borrowers. I remember the previous television programme starring Penleope Wilton and Ian Holm whilst I was growing up. I am not sure if I have read them or not but nonetheless I will be watching this with interest. 26 Dec BBC1 1930.

Drama – Great Expectations. Again Dickens and a new adaptation. 27 Dec BBC1 2100

And of course there are the obligatory repeats and to be honest Christmas would not be Christmas without them. Morecambe and Wise, The Two Ronnies, Dad’s Army and the ilk. The old adage they do not make them like they used to…. shame really. There is not that much that has jumped out at me now I have got the new tv listings from 17 Dec until 30 Dec. What will the new year bring?

What will you be watching? Or avoiding? What do you miss about Christmas television from the past? Anything we should all be watching which is book related which I have missed?


5 thoughts on “What to watch….possibly?

  1. I don’t think an hour goes past without an episode of Poirot or Sherlock Holmes on ITV3!

  2. Some great recommendations there.
    I will be wanting the TV for Downton Abbey and Just Henry looks good (from the trailer)

    I love to watch the repeats of Morecambe and Wise, Two Ronnies, Only Folls and Horses and recent ones Gavin and Stacey and Keeping up Appearances.


  3. Ho hum. I’m pleased to have a new Poirot, but I found The Clocks to be one of Agatha Christie’s weakest books. Similarly, I love Dickens adaptations, but after the film and a BBC adaptation not so long ago I have to question doing Great Expectations again rather than one of the less familiar books.

  4. I am also looking forward to Great Expectations as I love period dramas. I second you watching Becoming Jane I thought it was really beautiful, I may be bias though as I’m a big fan of James McAvoy 😛

  5. I’ve just been watching Dad’s Army, funnily enough! I haven’t really looked at what’s on, but I’m hoping to catch a Christmas film or two.

    P.S. – You should have mail…. 🙂

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