Twelve Days of Winter: Crime at Christmas: A Partridge in a Pear Tree – Stuart Macbride

I bought this book, knowing it was a short story and for the short story which comes with this download ‘A Partridge in a Pear Tree’ it is reasonable. Billy Partridge has a bit of a problem and needs to pay back a debt fairly quickly by Thursday in fact and it was that or face the consequences. However, Billy is not really up to cat burglar, certainly not as sleek as one or agile and you know what happens sometimes when cats go up trees……

The story is fun and slightly offbeat and was a quick read. I am sure the other 11 are of a similar ilk. However, I concur with the other reviewers (on Amazon) that actually this was rather short and it was disappointing to also have two sample chapters of MacBride’s other books which the cynic in me sees as rather a publishers ploy to market other novels, make a little bit of money and cash in on Christmas. I agree the premise and theme of The Twelve Days of Christmas is actually a clever idea which is why I got the first book.

It would be interesting to get the publishers and perhaps authors view of how these short stories for Christmas and on the kindle have actually worked. No doubt to get people to read his other books? I have not ready any Stuart MacBride but I will endeavour to perhaps next time I see a book in the charity shop or library give one a go.  In which case me spending 49pence for this book has paid off? 

This was the same for The Stolen Child which I downloaded earlier in the year and commented on such a marketing ploy, I will be wary perhaps before I plunge in again with short stories for little or no cost at all. 


One thought on “Twelve Days of Winter: Crime at Christmas: A Partridge in a Pear Tree – Stuart Macbride

  1. Hi Jo,

    These books seem like quite a deviance from Stuart MacBrides usual ‘blood and guts’ kind of writing and I had to check them out, just to make sure we were talking about the same person.

    The series doesn’t seem to have received very good reviews on Amazon, so I am wondering if that is a reflection of their length or the story content?

    I was persuaded back into reading a short story just recently, after a break of many years and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the leaflet (at just 12 pages long, it can hardly be described as a book), I do wonder at the value of the genre, when you could read the same lengtn story and get loads more stuff, in any woman’s magazine.

    I diid notice that Stuart is back into ‘proper’ writing mode, with the release of his latest book ‘Birthdays For The Dead’, due to be released in January.

    Interesting post Jo, have a great week

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