Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage – M.C. Beaton

Agatha has tried to convince the outside world that she can make wonderful Quiche (she cannot), she can have a show garden to rival something at Chelsea (she cannot) and that she can get married to her handsome next door neighbour James Lacey (she cannot).

Back in the fifth book of the series, Agatha has convinced herself and everyone else that she is no longer married, her husband is dead and that like everything else previously since we have known Agatha she can just carry on bull dozing through life to get what she wants. In this particular book – marriage to James. However her husband Jimmy Raisin, is far from dead in fact he is alive and stops the wedding ceremony dead. In fact so dead that some hours later Jimmy is found dead in a ditch and Agatha becomes the number one suspect.

With threats of Bigamy over her head, as well as trying to win back James affection, having sold her house to a miserable sour faced lady who does not want to participate in village life (remind you of anyone) Agatha has a lot to do in this book and it seems to be all going wrong. Somehow James wants to maintain the detecting marriage and they go and visit some  witnesses,  one by one something happens to these witnesses. Will they manage to piece the truth together not just to save their own lives but those they have spoken to.

Well known characters are back Bill Wong the detective has more of a storyline and also there is a love interest for him. Mrs Bloxby, the vicars wife is always around to help out Agatha and make her realise that she is actually a nice person and has to give herself a chance before she can give anyone else a chance.  Even Roy Silver from her past in the PR world is still prominent and uses his position for Agatha’s sake.

Some days you just need to read an Agatha Raisin to know everything is alright in the world! And so it is and now on to book 6!

These are great books to spend a weekend with and I spotted an offer to buy the next ten books in the series, I got the first ten last year for the bargain price of £9.99 and so the next ten for £9.99 was too good an offer to miss. I am stocked up now and perhaps Agatha Raisin will be a weekend sojourn for me!