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When we get to the end of the year, I find we start looking back on what has happened and whether we have got the most out of the year. If we haven’t then many of us pledge to make great our endeavours for the following 12 months.

A while back I came across the blog post Why Write Reviews?  and it was and is a very interesting read and made me reflect on why I write reviews. Do pop over and take a look and tell me your thoughts.

I made a challenge to myself sometime in 2007 that I would aim to write a review for every book I read and post them on Amazon and I did this (and still do) but as time went on I felt that I wanted a more permanent record, so I looked around for the best way to do it. I chose two things, a note book which I could jot down all the books I have read, categorise them by author if there was a set or series of books to read and secondly to try perhaps an electronic version of a record.

I looked around at Librarything and Goodreads and decided to stick with Goodreads, and then somehow I came across blogging. I had once tried blogging before some 5 years ago but I did not have the momentum at the time, now I seem to have found it and this blog has been going for over a year.

But why write reviews? I seem to have a surplus of words relating to books, the book I have just read and other related subjects which need to be downloaded out my head and put somewhere. The worry is that my brain might explode otherwise. I recognise that some of my reviews are better than others, and I am perhaps still finding my feet and working out the best way to tackle them, it does depend rather on what book you have just read. Some reviews seem to flow so naturally, others are a real hardship and take considered thought.

They (the reviews) make sense to me and hopefully to lots of other people and if it means that I can share in the joy of reading with others then that is all I need. If I can find people who enjoy reading then that is even better, I have very few friends who read the voracious amount that I read! What is also good for me (although not for the purse) is the recommendations of books picked up along the way. There are some books I would not have gone anywhere near if it was not for reading other book blogs. Thank you to Verity, Jane and Helen to name a few.

What also brings a bit of pride is others picking up on my reviews and trying books. Katrina over on Pining for the West I have introduced to Linda Gillard and Carola Dunn. Jessica over at her blog another Linda Gillard convert. (Linda is not paying me for any of this self promotion I promise.) Just as much as I am picking up new books to read, it looks like others are doing the same from the books I have read.

Every review is a record of the book I have read, and I know some have mentioned that review posts get less comments, but that is fine. I have done my bit in my eyes by putting my thoughts down and either helping someone make up their mind to pick up the book or to avoid it like the plague. Whether that is from a good review from me or a rather scathing one about the book I will never know I suppose. It is always interesting to read someone elses thoughts on a book especially when they are very differing opinions.

I like reading book reviews  on the blogs I visit and also all the other little posts that pop up now and again. I think these give an insight  into the person doing the reviewing. As my blog has progressed as I have I, other types of posts have appeared on my blog, days out, crafts, cooking and even somethings which have frankly got on my nerves and I need to vent! I am hoping that these insights perhaps make anyone reading my blog where I am coming from when I do post book reviews.

Thank you to all who stop by and read my blog even if you do not comment, I hope you find something of interest here. As for what the next 12 months brings us, well you will have to come back and find out I suppose!