A Winter’s Wedding – Sharon Owens

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They do not get on. Boy thinks girl is too intense. Girl thinks boy is too arrogant. But they get together, they break up and then they get back together again and live happily ever after.  This is seen by some as the basic structure of a good chick lit novel. However if you are looking for this with Sharon Owens ‘ novel A Winter’s Wedding they are going to be disappointed.

This is a novel where the happy ever after comes in pretty much at the beginning, and involves into a love story about the past, present and future. Emily meets Dylan and there is a spark and everything starts off well, nothing seems pressurised and love is soon spoken of. But Emily has a past; a past that included a wedding and everything about that wedding is still relevant now in the present and will be in the future.  Dylan comes into her life (in practical and emotional ways) when it needed de-cluttering and the past needs to be laid to rest, in fact it needs to be taken out the wardrobe, shaken off and given away.

Emily’s past though also involves her parents back in Ireland, a childhood which she wishes to keep just that a past, but events take a different turn and all of her sudden, her parents suddenly become a prominent feature in the present and Emily (with Dylan’s help) starts to feel like she has a family again.

We also meet Emily’s friend, Arabella not just her friend but also her boss the editor a home living magazine where it is the interiors and not the people are most important. Arabella has everything and then when it is taken away from her, it takes Emily to come in and try and help support someone who cannot handle what is happening to her and blaming everyone but looking at her own actions.

This is just a lovely book, so heartfelt and it was so nice to see a lovely couple finding and discovering all about each other. Okay, so you it was going to have a happy ending it was the journey there that made this such an enjoyable book. It is not racy and page turning wondering what could happen next, it is slow but a great read for a winter’s day as the setting really suits the characters and all the hope that we all must have at Christmas. If you have never read any of Owens books before, then this is a good book to start off with.

I have to admit to having a little cry at this book because it was just so nice. I may have been emotional at the time, but I connected with Emily, I have a little flat though not as cold as hers! She seemed so settled with her own company and Dylan was such a dreamboat I probably wished that he would come and sweep me off my feet. A real dreamy book for all women when we need this kind of feeling. 

Sharon Owens has started to get better with her novels and although I felt she had a blip with The Revenge of the Wedding Planner  this book is back up there with her first three novels. I read these books, The Teahouse on Mulberry Street, The Ballroom on Magnolia Street, The Tavern on Maple Street a long while ago, the Tavern book was one of the first I reviewed when I reviewed sporadically on Amazon and not like I do now. This author has always stuck with me and I think that it is because I know what I am going to get from her books. Look forward to her next one. 

This was a winter/Christmas themed book and I must find some more to read before the year is out, any suggestions?