Soup Kitchen

I was lucky lately to have won a raffle and get a recipe book of soups, a little gem of a book. I have made lots of things and got lots of ideas. Soup for me is not a seasonal thing, I can eat it and do all year round.

My first recipe was Butternut Squash, ingredients are pictured below. Squash is a pain to peel and cut!

I would show you a picture of it cooked, but well I ate some and it was delicious and the rest has gone into the freezer for future days.

Then whilst I was in Tesco I saw a new soup mix, Red Pepper, Sweet Potato, Carrot which with some stock and three lovely portions to freeze! That I did get a picture of – but I know I put a bit too much stock in this one, and needs thickening up next time I defrost some and eat it.

There is a section in the book, where there are soups which are more like hearty meals in a bowl and so I had to try on these out and this was the result.

Italian Chicken and Tomato Soup – it was delicious and is one I would make again. Although perhaps upon reflection it does not look to appetising in the saucepan! To make it a bit more substantial (especially when you have been at the gym) I added some soup pasta into it. It looks slightly better in the bowl!

Not sure what I am going to try next from the book? Perhaps some minestrone? Chicken and noodle? Decisions….