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Christmas Cards & Presents

I have good intentions of making lots of Christmas cards but I get quite easily distracted because there is always something new to try, but eventually I do settle down to something. I have somewhat neglected my larger project for many months now, so to get back with the stitching I thought I would try a little free kit of a magazine. One to stitch because it is by Margaret Sherry and I love her designs, and stitched many before and have a lot more stitch as well.

It tested me, as the material I could tell was cheap and the amount of back stitch started to get on my nerves, however it was worth it in the end. Now I have to decide who to give this to.

And while we are on Christmas, thoughts turn to presents so having finished some scarves with some funky wool one or maybe two of these could end up as so.

The black and white scarves, of which there is two in the photo was wool from last year. The purple/blue wool (bought this year) one was a pain to knit and took a couple of goes to get into the rhythm. Not a wool I would choose again to be honest.  Wool from last year which was my mum’s choice has arrived at my needles so more scarves are imminent.

Hopefully this will produce two scarves.

From my sojourn to Alexandra Palace back in October, felting was becoming a growing craft.  I have already experimented with the poppy which I wore with pride leading up to and including Remembrance Sunday. Many people stopped and asked about it, and perhaps if I could have got hold of more of the red circles (they were out of stock) I would have a lot of orders. Next year perhaps with any profit going to The Poppy Appeal.

Keeping with a flower theme, I bought some flower shapes already cut out and beautifully thick felt, not the thin stuff from childhood although that has many uses. I wanted to decorate some bags and this was what I came up with, following no pattern this was the result. (Please excuse the wonky photography) I have since bought some more bags (brightly coloured) and more felt flowers.

So on with the knitting, the flowers and bags, the stitching…..

7 thoughts on “Christmas Cards & Presents

  1. love love love that bag – such a versatile idea too, a fun opportunity to play around with colours and designs! 🙂

  2. Aren’t you a crafty little thing 😀

    Love your stitch work, very cute scene with the robin, make a lovely prezzie. And lovely scarfs. My mom and me believe you can never have too many scarves. You do make me feel very guilty that my knitting has come to a complete halt 😦

  3. love the little design! Very well done, also really like the simplicity of the bag xx

  4. Oh those bags are beautiful! You are so creative! I may have made my cards but all of my presents are bought 😦

  5. They’re all lovely! I looked at some of those strange modern wools the other day and thought they looked a nightmare to knit with. I have yet to do anything for Christmas.

  6. Check you out getting your craft on : ) I love doing stuff like this, when I get the time. I’m currently trying to make a scarf but it looks like I did it drunks it’s so all over the place : ( I’ve being making my own body scrubs for Christmas presents but I really like the idea of making xmas cards. You should sell them!

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