The Birthday Party – Veronica Henry

Delilah is a media darling, an actress, model turned cooking celebrity who has high profile television programmes and tie in books. Her husband is the actor Raf Rafferty, ex actor has it all and let it implode when the drink became the demon drink. Their three daughters; Coco an aspiring young actress about to make her debut on televisions successful medical drama, Violet the young singer looking for her own muse to write her own songs and Tyger the baby of the family, successful business woman with her own lingerie’s company. All them a paparazzi dream!

Everything is changing for Delilah, her children do not need her as much, and her husband has landed a role in a British film which has box office written all over it and Delilah is turning 50 and celebrity status seems to be waning and Delilah starts to run.

This is a real escapism novel, it felt like picking up a copy of Hello and OK and indulging in the gossip of familiar faces from the screen, In this case it was fleshed out with words and was a joy to read. Veronica Henry really has captured the celebrity element, the wish to lead a life away from glare, but also knowing that this glare has provided all the trappings they all enjoy. I spent a great couple of days reading it and also wondering who exactly these characters and some plot lines were based on. In the age of celebrity which can be made or broken by actions then this is the book for you.

This is a rather short review, looking back. I think mainly because to go into any more details would have given the plot away and that detracts from going out and buying the book to read! It was like reading a celebrity gossip magazine and for that reason alone I loved it. I was rather disappointed at the last Veronica Henry I read, Wild Oats but this book is much stronger in my opinion and whilst you could say that Veronica sticks to ‘chick-lit’  they are all very different and do not stick to any sort of format for that it makes me want to read more Veronica.

I just love this cover which is a rather shallow reason for liking a book, but when it is dark by 430pm and some days never seeming to get light a nice  bright cheery book on the bedside table is something to look forward to. 

Find more about Veronica Henry here and her new book is out Marriage and Other Games and looks good as a winter read. Snow on the cover hints at that! I am so tempted.