October Roundup

October was a funny month, certainly with the weather and now looking back at the books I read in the month I think they were a very eclectic mix and I seemed to have jumped all over genre wise.

Normally there is some sort of a pattern in my reading, there is generally some sort of comfort reading in the month, the only one this month I could say that fitted into that category along with a bit of murder (the only one as well) was Carola Dunn and Requiem for a Mezzo, the third book in the Daisy Dalyrmple Series. A good bit of escapism and I must get on and read some more as there plenty to catch up on.

Going back to some childhood reading could be seen as a comfort and I had recently downloaded onto my kindle four Roald Dahl books because they were going cheap and after having reread Matilda I wanted to remember some of my other favourites. So it was George’s Marvellous Medicine, I am sure this was never read to me as a child, it must have been when I was old enough to read for myself that I discovered it and my love for it was set in stone when it was regenerated onto the screen when it featured on Jackanory. I loved watching that after having come in from school. Shame there is no Jackanory for adults now…..

I rarely set myself challenges in terms of reading as I find it takes the fun out it of somewhat, but I did say at the end of September that I wanted to take part somehow in the Discovering Daphne month being held by Simon and Polly. I was going to read My Cousin Rachel, then I saw that one of the books mentioned was The Loving Spirit so I found it on my mum’s shelf and thought I will read this. I somehow could not get into it, so it has gone back on the shelf for another time. I know it was not the book, but this whole month has been a bit of a struggle getting into books. So this challenge remains incomplete.

Talking of books that I have struggled with this seems like the perfect opportunity to mention the two that I did read in October. The Taker by Alma Katsu (review to follow in the coming days) was a love story with its depth in immortality. Fantasy and Paranormal are certainly not my cup of tea, but I felt as I had been sent this book to review I should give it a fair hearing. It took the whole month to read, because it was easy to put down when other books more interesting to me came along. However, I did finish and yes I am glad I did because there are lots of great historical passages which did grab my attention.  That said, fantasy and paranormal are still not my cup of tea, but this was a little sip that did not taste all that bad.

I also struggled with Caitlin Moran and How to be a Woman. Although technically finished in October I actually started this months ago when I acquired a copy. There is a review to follow, but I think it must be one of the shortest I have written. I skimmed read a lot of the book, because although it grabbed my attention in parts, and did make me laugh, it also annoyed me in a lot of others.

I am glad to say I did not struggle with all the books I read in October, some I just flew through because they were so fun, intriguing, exquisite and interesting. Interesting was the non fiction I read on my kindle Mark Stevens and  Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum. I have rather a macabre, warped mind that has a fascination into crime and institutions. I always have had but probably because I work in an institution of sorts that its make up and day-to-day workings fascinate me. This was really interesting and I learnt a lot and if anyone does share the same interest in me then please do try this out.

Two intriguing books for me this month was The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. If you love books and Shakespeare and also the wonderful way families function then this is a book for you. For my last book in the Transworld Challenge I chose Louise Douglas The Secrets Between Us, a new author to me and I hope to read more of her work. This book really had me hooked, mysterious and dark with strong female characters.

The fun book for me this month was The Magic of Christmas by Trisha Ashley, which has got me in the mood for some more Christmas and Winter themed reading. This was a bargain book available on the Kindle earlier than the publication date of the paperback so I could not resist. It was a good read, and there is something very homely and comforting about Trisha’s books especially with all the delicious food that is mentioned. It does the diet no good I can tell you. I have more Winter and Christmas themed books to read though I might have to wait until the weather turns a bit more colder again. Wish it would just make its mind up.

The Girl on the Cliff by Lucinda Riley is the exquisite book for October for so many different reasons. I loved her first Hothouse Flower, but this goes further. There is a wonderful tale woven and it has you hooked from the beginning. Great book for losing yourself in with endless cups of tea and chocolate biscuits to provide you sustenance whilst you are with the characters and the places. The best book of the month without a doubt. And currently out of stock at Amazon. Though your local supermarket may have a copy.

Right enough of the endless plugging how have I ended October reading wise; actually reading two books Anne Perry and Brunswick Gardens on my kindle, this is much handier at work sometimes. Then there is Veronica Henry and The Birthday Party which I said was the book I wanted to read next, it has a real glossy gossip magazine quality to it. Neither of these will be finished in October so they will appear in November with what else, well no challenges for this month so it could be anything.

How was your October reading? Any good recommendations?