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Alexandra Palace – 2011

For those who have read my blog for a while will know that I am into crafts, and that once a year I go the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace every year. Friday gone saw me doing that for the umpteenth year, in fact I think my mum and I have lost count. I reported about 2010 here and interestingly enough some of those comments still stand!

It was a great day out, as it generally is. Overall, knitting is certainly back in the forefront again, stitching is taking perhaps a back seat for a while. However, having been to many of these, everything comes round so no doubt it will change again. There was very little papercraft there which in some ways is good as I think this has now developed into its own separate shows. A great amount of material if you are into quilting which is one of those things I wish I had the time to do.

There was the stands which sold the chocolate, handbags et al and the wonder mop was there again this year competing with a wonder iron. It is only a wonder to me if it does it without any effort from me? No, did not think so!

So let us get down to the purchases, I was very controlled and restrained due to finances, and my budget that I went with, I cam back with half of it.

In the picture you should be able to spot, a tape measure – having seen an idea whilst there it involved a tape measure, more of that later in the post. Felt flowers, star and circles and balls, again another idea seen but I refused to pay £9 for something that I could make myself for very little in fact all that felt came to just £4. More wool, for more scarves, different sort of wool and I must knit this up before next year, as the wool I bought last year has got as far as this

It has now made it out of the spare room into where I sit with all my other stuff!

Back to the main picture, at the top is a kit for a Crazy Patchwork Christmas Tree which my mum bought me as an early birthday present (this has become a tradition). I have not had a chance to read up on it, but I think this could be a challenge but it looks really lovely finished. Some more paper mache boxes to do some decopatch on. This was a craft I picked up on last year, and has sustained me throughout the year, with various different projects. Finally, it is all on a cloth bag, which I bought (I wish I had bought now) as I wanted to decorate it, probably with the felt flowers or something of that ilk.

Now for that tape measure (be warned this might be a Christmas Present for many this year!)

I spotted these tape measures by sheer accident, and went back a couple of times to have a look so I could make sure I had the idea the right. This is one I made and not bought. There were animals and Christmas themed ones of course. My mum has found 7 tape measures both square and round, which can be covered and created into something other than a boring plastic tape measure. You get a lot of free tape measures when you subscribe to craft magazines over the years. Oh yes, how does it work….

So that was what I came away from, but there is more in some ways that pictures cannot express. The way all the colours are displayed in the material, the threads, the choices but also those ideas which are around everywhere. Not just on the stands but the people who were there as well. Knitted jumpers, waistcoats, badges, bags, brooches, hair pieces you name it you could probably have seen it there.  Yes, it is mainly full of a women, but there was more men than previous years, and also there is always a huge young presence there, through school and college trips I realise but I hope that these people are the next generation to keep crafts alive.

As for the journey home, I refer you to last years post. It must have been the same ladies! You can always tell a non-driver. The coach driver had a lot of patience.

Now to get on with the creating.