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Biscuits and Buttons

What a bizarre combination perhaps? But then when it comes to craft perhaps not?

I am hoping that readers will know exactly what this biscuit is? I was attracted to them because I love them and I have not eaten one in a while. The author/creator Oussi Gresty has made a book of many British Favourites, Custard Creams and Bourbons! I spotted this one though in a Mollie Makes magazine and the designer sells them made for a fair old price on her website.

So whilst I was in a felt mood, my mum had found some felt flowers already precut and gave them to me. Okay so what was I going to do with them, well the plan was to make some sort of remembrance poppy for Remembrance Sunday coming up in November. Red felt flower, with a button of some description  in the middle. Something unique and different, mum having a crochet poppy that she wears. Then I found some buttons which you can cover yourself with any sort of material which meant, even aida and then that could involve cross stitch. A bit of digging around, and below is the couple of attempts I have made. The one on the right, the button is made up of lots of ends of threads, it was just to get a feel for stitching something  that size and how it would look on the button.

And then I had an idea which combined more felt, buttons and the ‘C’ word. I wonder if you perhaps can see where my mind is wondering with the photo below. Sorry no prizes for guessing right.

And now for something that is neither biscuits, buttons or even pudding! Cross Stitch, needed something small and achievable as knitting a blanket when the weather is 22.5c is rather stifling! It will come in handy for a card for many a ocassion and I do like Faye Whittaker designs, something so simple about them.

And what about a sneak preview to see where (some) my stuff sits in my living room.
I had to take the knitting and wool out of the basket so you can see what else was in there. In the background is a pile of felt and some templates for shapes etc waiting to be cut and created. There is some red and green aida which can be spotted in on the pictures above. The white crinkly wool is supposed to be for making another chicken, and the pattern for that from the book is also stood up in there. You can just see my pin cushion and pins in the top right hand corner of the basket, kept in my bag of tricks which contains, pretty much everything I might need (if not then it can be found somewhere else). Then there is my scissor case, which is pretty old and grubby now but is decorated with Harry Potter Cross Stitch which came out around the time of the first film so that will give you an idea of how old it is. I really must make a new one. And finally what looks like a lot of tangled mess – well to be fair one of the little plastic bags is full of threads and handy when you just need something for a few stitches. The other bag has them all punched and secured onto cards and is gathered from the many kits I have made over the years, this was the leftovers. This is where I got the thread for the stitch buttons above from. There is actually quite a lot else in that basket that it is not visible, my current larger stitching project called ‘The Library’ and a smaller one as well, oh and I think there might be a Christmas Card to be made in there…..

So just a little bit more of an insight (perhaps too much) into what I have been up to lately and where sometimes it all springs from or more correctly spills out of the basket onto the floor!

Two aims really – finish the knitted blanket, especially as some fool  one has predicted cold weather and snow by the end of the month, yes that is October.

Secondly, it is my annual trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show in London on Friday, so I am going to see what ideas I might come back with, I currently have another one brewing at the moment. If I buy anything wonderful and new or if I buy anything I promise I will share with you.

Now who is for a cup of tea to go with that Jammie Dodger?