September Roundup

I can tell I am back at work, my eyelids are closing earlier in the day and there is no more lie ins until whenever, it is up and about in some sort of form at 0530. That said I have had a rather strange reading month upon reflection and managed to read some books amongst all that sleeping!

I joined in with Rachel’s read along of Persuasion by Jane Austen. In fact I got the book on my kindle and thought let me have a quick look before the date of the read along, I was hooked so quickly that I had finished within a few days and I enjoyed it. I have reviewed the book and also another post, regarding Persuasion and the Navy in relation to today. As ihave said in the past if you follow this blog I have read very few of the ‘classics’ and having found this book such a joy, I know I am not going to be so scared in picking up another and reading it.

Going from a classic in the 1800s to the most recent book by a wonderful author who I have only discovered this year, Linda Gillard and Untying the Knot. Publishers if you should deem yourselves worthy enough to read my blog then you really should be printing these books for everyone to read.

I do not think a month goes by without me reading a book set during World War Two and this month was no exception in Far to Go by Alison Pick. Not an easy read, but certainly one that opened my eyes to something I knew little if nothing about.

Comfort reading and knowing what you are going to get with M.C. Beaton – Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley. It is a bit like chocolate, once you have opened the box you just have to keep eating, with Agatha Raisin I just want to keep reading but I know the joy is I have many many books to catch up on!

Same can be said with Debbie Macomber and 74 Seaside Avenue which I got through Read It Swap It on my first swap. Trying not to buy any books for a while, they are spilling off my shelves and I should be reading these and not buying more. Only books that have entered through the door have been for review either from the Transworld Challenge, Amazon Vine and a competition win! However, I really wanted to know what was going on with the folks in Cedar Cove so I found it on Read It Swap It and someone wanted to read one of the books I have listed. Satisfying that need, I am itching for the next one in the series, but I have told myself that I will wait.

September for me was a month of books, that whilst I enjoyed, were challenging for different reasons. Rachel Gibson Nothing but Trouble through the Transworld Reading Challenge was a book I know I would never have picked up, it was very much a thematic Mills and Boon type book and a bit saucy as well. It passed a couple of days and was the framework of many story. Man meets Woman, Man hates Woman, Woman is irritated by Man, Man keeps dreaming about Woman, Woman suddenly feels different, Man and Woman fall out……………I will leave you to fill in the gap.

Lizzie Enfield was a new author to me this month, and I was rather intrigued by this debut novel, thinking to be honest, I was under the impression it was going to be of Chick-Lit variety  but it lacked something but had more than an average Chick-Lit which in some ways lives up to the title What You Don’t Know.

Another author new to me and debut novel as well for Anjali Joseph is Saraswati Park which I finished only just before the end of the month, review is to follow. It was a very slow book and no twists or turns, but was actually insightful into another persons life. I think this is an author to watch.

October reading is not going to be pressurised in any way as readers of my blog know that I only set myself achievable goals! October is Discovering Daphne month over on Savidge Reads and Novel Insights, if you feel like joining in. I will be popping in and out and see what is being talked about, but I think for a personal read I am going to turn to My Cousin Rachel, which my mum has lent me from her collection as du Maurier is one of her favourite authors. I look forward to the week set aside for Rebecca and it might push me into a reread.

So as the month turns from September to October, from 9 to 10, from cold to hot (yes that is the right way round!) and by the end of month they have even mentioned snow! Whatever the weather, a book will help the hot days and the cold ones as well!