Nothing but Trouble – Rachel Gibson

This is the first Rachel Gibson book that I have read, and now having read it and found out more about the author, I understand this one of many books from this author’s pen.

Nothing but Trouble is an easy, predictable read. Mark Bressler, a famous Ice Hockey Player injured badly in a car crash that has ruined his escalating career as one of the best players has turned into a more arrogant, grumpy man and his slowly going through carer’s as he makes it his mission to cope on his own and scare them into leaving within hours if not minutes of meeting them. Enter Chelsea Ross a bit part actress who needs to make some money takes on the role and if she can survive three months with Mark then she also gets a bonus. Mark has met his nemesis, Chelsea has just met another ‘celebrity’ amongst many she has worked as assistants for whilst she looks for the big break in Hollywood.

You know what is going to happen but so what, this was whilst being predictable, light humoured, romantic and overtly sexual in parts but it is pure escapism in fact rather Mills and Boon esque. Enjoyable read but the reason I have only given it 3 stars is a lot of the references, colloquial sayings was geared to the American audience and also I know absolutely nothing about Ice Hockey and so much of this was lost on me. I would not buy another book by this author but if I stumbled across one and needed something to read I would know what I was getting. Nothing but Trouble is part of a series of books called in the ‘Chinooks Hockey Team’ but you do not need to have read any of the others to read this one.

I read this as part of the Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge. Not my normal choice but I thank them for giving me the opportunity to read it. Reading books that you would not normally pick up, sometimes makes you appreciate the books you do normally pick up to read! This was the third book in the challenge and I am looking forward to receiving the final book, as I cannot remember what I asked for! I hope Transworld give me the opportunity to review some more books in the future.