74 Seaside Avenue – Debbie Macomber

We rejoin friends at 74 Seaside Avenue which launches us straight into some of the characters we met in the previous novel and before. Teri is still very much in love with her new husband Bobby Polgar the world famous chess player but someone is trying to stop Bobby from being the World Number One in chess and the way they seem to be doing it is by getting at Bobby’s other favourite number one – Teri.

As Teri’s colleague Rachel is still trying to come to terms with the fact that her naval boyfriend has now had to move to San Diego and that if she wants to be with him she will need to move herself. Rachel has doubts; about Nate’s family, Nate’s sudden interest in politics, moving away from everything she knows, Jolene who has adopted her as a surrogate mother figure and Jolene’s father, Bruce who cannot make up his mind what he wants. It takes Rachel to see that the future is not always a thousand miles away but will she be able to convince everyone else.

Maryellen’s manicures used to be done by Rachel, but Maryellen has no time for them now, with the arrival of her baby after an agonising pregnancy and the prospect of managing her husband, Jon’s photographic career luck has changed her prospects but the gallery where she first showed Jon’s pictures is set to close. Maryellen does not want to see all that work go to waste, but is there anyone willing to take it over? Bad Luck can bring good and when a past face comes back to Cedar Cove it looks like they gallery might be saved but some relationships might also be damaged.

Maryellen’s mother Grace Harding and her new husband Cliff, finally get round to holding a wedding reception after eloping to get married in a previous book. Everyone is together, and despite faces from the past that could cause trouble, the present and the future does not look so good for some.

And so the goings on and gossip of Cedar Cove meanders seemingly into another book. They can be read separately, but they make a great series read and although each book starts with a list of characters and all their relations and connections, it is surprising how much you can remember from previous books. In turn they will all have their ‘turn’ in the spotlight, as others lives just happen seemingly in the background building the opportunities for future storylines.

Reading this book was like putting on a comfy pair of slippers and losing in yourself. It was just the sort of read I needed because I wanted to know what was going on in Cedar Cove. And having come late to this particular series, I have a few more to go until I catch up with how fast Debbie Macomber writes her novels!