Autumn Reflections

Things are changing with the seasons. And I am debating to say that Autumn comes and goes very quickly and it should perhaps read Christmas as it seems to be seeping in everywhere. Enough I hear you say, but I thought I would bring you 10 things that have made me think in many ways about Autumn and where the time goes.

1. When the alarm goes off at 0530 it is not light, and it seems to be taking that little bit longer to get lighter. Friday I did not even open the blind whilst I ate my breakfast, knowing that it would be that slightly darker. Though that said I have had a few lovely sunrises to watch from my second floor flat as I gain a glow from my Ready Brek.

2. Strictly Come Dancing starts today – not sure what I think yet it will all depend on who the ‘celebs’ are matched with (3 of them (celebs)I have no idea who they are!). Though I hope that Alex Jones gets on well, as she has a lovely personality. But I would not put money on it.

3. I have received my first Christmas Catalogue…. oh yikes. And I looked at it……yikes! Big tins of sweets (why do we insist on them at Christmas?) are already being sold in large well known superstores.

4. And the Christmas Catalogue has arrived at work as well. And this years decorations are going to have a black and gold theme. Within minutes my boss was out with the catalogue and the tape measure working it all out! I let him have his fun and then gently removed said tape measure and catalogue and directed him back to what he should have been doing Thursday afternoon. Just a big kid!  Nearer the time I will find some suitable pictures of what we achieve at Christmas at work and share with you.

5. Credit Card bill from my holiday break has arrived! Least said.

6. At the other end of the day, the blinds are getting shut earlier and the light is coming on so I can sew and read. I feel that hibernation is starting. And I have to confess that I rather enjoy it.

7. Cooking has taken a more hearty and comfortably turn. Cottage Pie, Chilli’s and homemade soup. Yum!

8. TV is getting better with the return of Downton Abbey. Oh such comfort on a Sunday Night. Also those programmes that we have seen before. ITV3 are re-running The House of Elliott created by Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins of Upstairs Downstairs fame. I have caught bits of it during the week and realise how much I enjoyed it the first time round. I am off to investigate perhaps the DVDs for a Christmas (sorry) present.

9. Settling down on the sofa or in bed with a great book as the wind blows and the rain lashes either outside or in the book. Escaping into a well known classic as I have with Persuasion and now entering the world of Jane Eyre.

Yes it is Autumn I refuse to call it anything else at the moment, no matter how hard the commercial world is pushing for everything else.

And for a rather different no 10.

David Walliams as he swims The Thames. Yes The River Thames (140 miles) that runs through London. Aiming to swim 20 miles a day (same as roughly crossing the channel which Walliams has completed for a previous Sport Relief Challenge plus swimming the Strait of Gibralter) he has battled extreme fatigue and a stomach illness. Do go and check out his whereabouts on the website  and follow him. If I lived near the river at any point I would go down and support him. That is some going and makes me very humble when I think of the 2km I swim a week (2 x 1KM). It would take me 113 weeks to complete the same length he has aimed to do in 8 days.

What makes you think of Autumn?

8 thoughts on “Autumn Reflections

  1. I love this time of the year, it’s all the trees changing colour which does it for me. As for home made soup, I’ve been making it all summer!

    Oh Jo! You mentioned the ‘C’ word! The Christmas trees will be in Debenhams window any day now. Nightmare!

  2. I heard that Thames Water advised Walliams not to swim into London due to the amount of sewerage released into the water there, but he says he’ll carry on no matter what. What a bloke! 🙂

  3. I like autumn but it is very cold and dark already this year. I spent six weeks not getting up early at all so the fact it is darkish at 6am was a bit of a shock!

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is slightly excited about the long dark nights rolling in, where I find I have a stronger argument to simply stay in with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book. I too have Jane Eyre on my tbr pile and think I’ve been waiting for this time of year to start it 🙂

  5. Jo
    Your posting is spot on today with the high winds we are having.

    It started off so down but hey by No 7 I was beginning to feel like you and I am quite liking it.

    have a good week


  6. I love this time of year, there’s a crisp chill in the air, getting curled up in bed with a big wooly blanket and a book is better than ever and like you said wholesome warm food, mm.

    I always notice the change when the wind is lashing against the windows and I feel a small thrill at being tucked up in the house.

  7. Autumn would be great if it wasn’t followed by winter … I know it’s autumn when, after months of trash on TV, several ‘good’ programmes clash and we have to make a choice of what to watch and what to ‘catch up’ with on iplayer (or equivalent.) It is also autumn when I no longer relish the idea of a salad for lunch and pop dumplings into casseroles instead. It is also autumn when I buy chrysanths for the sitting room, put away clear glass ornaments and, instead, fill a set of copper lustre jugs with shurbs bearing berries. It is autumn when we collect the walnuts which have fallen from our walnut tree and (in vain, in this case!) try NOT to tread the husks into the house, as they leave nasty yellow stains (similarly to the pollen from lilies) on anything with which they come into contact. But, even given the dark mornings, dark evenings, and the chill in the air, there is much to be appreciated in autumn as has already been mentioned by others. Only don’t mention the ‘C’ word!

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