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Step away from the books…..

I am off from work on holiday and as is my want at these times I like to have  a book buying splurge! (Ignoring all the other books I buy through the year!) I enjoy spending an hour or so wandering around my local Waterstones who when I was in there had a very large extensive 3 for 2 which helped me out somewhat.

There is something peaceful about being in a bookshop, and I just love being amongst the books, looking at all the wonderful covers and recognising books being discussed on blogs as well as books I have read as well. It is only then do I remind myself that I have read quite a bit.

So the photograph, and the two piles – as you look at it the pile on the left are books by authors I have previously read and know what I am getting from these authors. From top to bottom

Marcia Willett – The Summer House. It is a while since I read one of her novels but have always enjoyed them.

David Nicholls – Starter for Ten. Cashing in on the popularity of One Day, the other books are prominently displayed so time I found out if One Day was a one off kind of novel.

Veronica Henry – The Birthday Party. Read two previous novels by this author and still not quite decided about them. Very much Chic-Lit though.

Kate Atkinson – Behind the Scenes at the Museum. I have read all of her Jackson Brodie novels and now want to complete the back catalogue with her stand alone books. I just hope this is better than Emotionally Weird which I did not enjoy.

The pile on the right. These are all books by authors I have never read before. Again some have been seen around the blog world and prominent in reviews etc. Some were simply because the cover jumped out, then the blurb satisfied me, then the first couple of pages drew me in. So again from top to bottom

Sue Welfare – The Surprise Party. Warring sisters, who arrange their parents 40th Anniversary party but is their family that idyllic?

Sara Sheridan – The Secret Mandarin Set in London in the 1840s and also China. Since reading The Sandalwood Tree I have rather a passion for these types of novels.

Lizzie Enfield – What You Don’t Know You have everything, husband, children, home but then someone you would not expect to like a very plain man would you?

Amelia Carr – A Song at Sunset World War Two Love Story

Adrienne McDonnell – The Doctor and the Diva First Novel, turn of the 20th Century in Boston, Caribbean and Italy.

Maeve Binchy – Minding Frankie Well known author whose books I have never read. This one is going to rectify that.

Sue Monk Kidd – The Secret Life of Bees Pitched as good as The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Mid Sixties in America and race attitudes and issues.

Emma Henderson – Grace Williams Says it Out Loud Short listed for the Orange Prize, thought I would give it a go.

Then I could not help myself and ordered some books from Amazon, mainly due to cheer me up because of a couple of recent events. It will cheer me up even more now to be reading all these books as well. It could have been worse, I suppose I could have hit the chocolate.

And again from top to bottom

Sarah Challis – The Garden Party Have read other books by this author and so I am relatively sure of what I am getting.

Susan Hill – Howard’s End is on the Landing I have been debating this for a while and I thought after seeing some reviews I would give it a go.

Deborah Lawrenson – The Lantern A modern day Rebecca. As Rebecca is one of my favourites I will see.

L.C. Tyler – The Herring Seller’s Apprentice Jane has reviewed many of these books on her blog and as I do like crime and quirky detectives I thought I would try the first book. Something makes me think I will be hooked!

Rosie Thomas – The Kashmir Shawl I was shallow enough to fall in love with the cover. On reading about the book it is based in Wales and India and having read many books like this in the past, I look forward to how this story unfolds.

Essie Fox – The Somnambulist Again this is a book picked up from reading many blogs and I do not want to be left behind!

Looking at the books, a lot of parties to go to! I also think there are some similar themed books there. Have you read any of these books, any I should read before something else.

What has arrived on your bookshelves lately?

6 thoughts on “Step away from the books…..

  1. Oh, I am a sucker for Waterstone’s 3 for 2s, even though I know I could still get all three books cheaper from other places, I still can’t resist!

    I prefer Starter For Ten to One Day, he sums up the awkward, gangly, 80s teenage boy so well in that novel. The film is fun too, it’s got James McAvoy in it before he became famous.

    Happy reading!

  2. That’s a lot of books! I’ve been known to spend an hour in a book shop before now (even in a small one where you can barely swing a cat I can spend half an hour browsing!).

    Do you have a Waterstones points card? I’ve got enough on mine to buy a book and I only got the card late last year!

  3. Wow – you certainly know how to book-shop! I do miss the Waterstones 3 for 2 tables now I no longer work or live near a branch.

    You have a few books I’ve loved, and I hope they help you through life’s ups and downs.

  4. Ooh, you have done well! I enjoyed reading the Maeve Binchy; I htink you will enjoy her books, and she has written so many that she is a very lovely find.

  5. I loved Behind The Scene’s, Grace William’s and I’m hoping I will love Starter for Ten as much as I loved One Day.

    I recently bought a weird mix, I got a Linwood Barclay book, Never Look Back. A novel called White Mice by a Manchester based writer (I forget his name!) Rebecca and Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson….any you would recommend?

  6. Oh what a lovely selection and I’m excited to discover the Rosie Thomas. I just love her writing and I didn’t know about The Kashmir Shawl but it’s going on to my ‘buy very soon’ list!

    Enjoy 0:)

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