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Organising and Counting

Inspired by Jane’s post on bringing order to her bookshelves. I decided it was time to tackle my own bookshelf – not to actually put any order to it.  If I took a  picture of my bookshelf one week and then I did the same the following week it would never look the same, as I pull books off the shelf and have a few for selecting what to read next then I put them back however I can and so books that were at the back come to the front. They go from being horizontal to vertical to back again. It is a never-ending task but one I secretly enjoy.

What I have been do is organising my ‘to read’ and ‘read’ books on Goodreads. I thought I was on top of adding books on when they arrived and dating when I have read them. Then again……

So I found my trusty book which I have been using for a while after trying varying different books to find one that suited me the best.  And meticulously went through and made sure everything was up to date – now I think it is or at least I hope it is. Although I now have decided I need to buy some sticky notes to mark as dividers in my book to make things a bit easier to flick backwards and forwards to. I have a list of books that I have read from around Aug 2007 when I first became serious about writing book reviews for every book I read.

There are some other dates much earlier scattered in the book which I picked up from Amazon when I perhaps was just putting my toe in the water come reviewing and when I was getting my reading/book mojo back as well which had been on holiday whilst I was at university.

I also have lists in the book by author as well, so I can see which books I have read of a particular series and which ones I have not read. Read in pen, too read in pencil. This needs a bit of a tidy up as well. As I am lazy and just write over the pencil in pen. So on my shopping list with sticky notes for markers is an eraser as well.

There are many books I have listed on Goodreads that I know I have read but cannot remember when I read them, these are mainly whilst I was going through a ‘aga saga’ phase – Mary Jane Staples, Pamela Evans, Joan Jonker et al. It is a while since I have read any of their books but I wanted to record them both in my book and on Goodreads for posterity.

I have updated all the ratings on there so they should match with my Amazon reviews. To be honest though I do not think seriously a lot of the time on how many stars to give a book. It is a gut reaction most of the time.

So I am now updated, well I have just bought some more books and they will need to be added, but perhaps I can be a bit more up to date and together for a little while at least it sounds great!

For those who list statistics as I do on occasions –

  • In 2010 I read 29392 pages.
  • In 2010 the longest book I read was Marian Keyes – Rachel’s Holiday (640 Pages)
  • So far this year I have read 20794 pages  and still counting
  • So far this year the longest book I have read is Jo Nesbo – The Redbreast (656 Pages) I wonder if I will read a book longer than that in the rest of the year?

Plus this blog is now a year old! My first post was on 14 Aug 2010, so I have just passed that landmark. Thank you to all who stop by and say hello and comment. And thank you to all who just stop by I pass on my kindest regards. Hope you are enjoying it so far……