Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener – M.C. Beaton

Mary Fortune is new in the village of Carsely and she does everything to involve herself in village life. She is beautiful as well as being able to bake cakes and likes her gardening and plants and becomes involved one of the local societies; The Horticultural Open Day. Everyone in the village likes Mary and she seems to fit in really well.

But someone does not think she fits in to anything apart from a plant pot and that is where Agatha Raisin finds her. Annoyed by Mary’s comments to Agatha and Mary’s supposed romantic entanglement with James Lacey, Agatha’s neighbour. Agatha along with James sets out to find if Mary Fortune was as nice to everyone else in the village or was Agatha the only victim of Mary’s tongue.

As they both uncover a completely different side to Mary they begin to piece together the pieces of the puzzle that led to her being murdered and finally work out who the culprit is. Along the way village life continues and Agatha wants to still ingratiate herself into village life and decides to involve herself into the Open Day as well with as little effort as possible. Little does Agatha know that she is trying too hard and she has already been welcomed to the village in their own unique way. They all expect her to solve the case, despite the detective Bill Wong advising her not to and we can be rest assured that she will and she will make us chuckle along the way as she adjusts to her new life and she acquires some rather eccentric ways, thoughts and manners and her amazing bluntness.

A great escapism read that does not take long to finish, but is a joy to read and is part of an excellent growing series.

I am rather new to Agatha Raisin but I am enjoying them immensely. Agatha is so blunt that it makes me cringe but I love it! I have the next 7 to read on my shelf and will slowly work my way through and then carry on past that as I know there are many to read, up to number22!  I could read the next one now but I feel that I am diluting my reading when I read book after book of the same series. 

How do you feel about reading books in a series? Can you read them one after the other?