Medicinal Post

A recent television programme (ITV1 Saturday Night) with Ronnie Corbett, one half of The Two Ronnies commented on how comedy has changed over the years and how his career came about. An opportunity to wheel out some of those classic sketches. Four Candles I hear you say – it is an oldie but a goodie! I have always been a fan of Ronnie Barker more than Corbett but nonetheless.

He spoke to many people about who influences them now but the first part of the show was probably the best when he got to meet Miranda Hart and bring her to a theatre where Morecambe and Wise performed and as she came on to the stage, the band there started to play….

I hope you have seen the BBC recent advert which bases this song on all the wonderful output that the BBC provides us. (I realise that this could be a debatable point – the output not the song!)

I needed that little bit of sunshine last Saturday as I felt very down and with a refreshing walk along the seafront and this clip coupled with a great nights sleep from the fresh air. I suddenly felt I could tackle life that little bit better. Which leads me to another…..

I hope this little bit of medicine has made some other people smile.

2 thoughts on “Medicinal Post

  1. The Two Ronnies and Morcambe and Wise were the laughs we grew up with.

    Don’t make ’em like that anymore!

    I do love the new BBC ad with all the clips and Bring me sunshine.


  2. I must admit that Morecambe and Wise weren’t my favourites but everything helps in these depressing times. I sometimes resort to my Dad’s Army boxed set when I feel down – it always works!

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