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Things on the craft front have been a bit slow of late. I think mainly due to the random hot days we have been having. Sitting holding stitching or knitting is just too hot and I can feel my hands get hot and sweaty. Not nice. So I thought I would stick to something else, and finish my decopatch letters that I bought months ago in the vain attempt of making a statement in my flat.

Letters, words et al seem to adorn the lifestyle magazines in their home section, with words such as Kitchen, Love, Home and the odd swear word. I have decorated in the past initials for friends and family as gifts. Christmas just gone saw me also decopatch some for a change. I wanted something a bit more, a project i could get my teeth into and then also something that i would keep and see rather than give away. So to bring two of more loves together – I went for a book related word. Library. Ironic perhaps that in these times of cutbacks where local libraries are being culled and it looks like we will be borrowing our books in surgeries and police stations. I have created by own library sign, never fear I have the books to start a small library anyway and I used to play libraries as a child and stamped out my books with my own date stamp! Halcyon days.

So there we have it finished – or is it? I had actually done all but the letter Y and it has sat there for weeks, still spelling the world whilst I made my mind up what to do with Y. Now I have finished should I leave well alone and, just take it off for dusting periodically. It sits on a radiator that is never turned on (lets not get started about energy prices) but should it be displayed different – vertically? In a random way? Or leave it as it is and move on to another word. But then what word? I am wavering over doing a bunting style Christmas word

All suggestions welcome and considered.