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I have had a sudden spurt of arrivals through my door thanks to Amazon Vine where I picked two books from last months pick. I am up to my maximum of four so I need to get on and finish what I have otherwise you can bet August’s choices will involve books I really want to read. The vine choices from the picture below are Mark Mills – House of the Hanged. I have read previous Mill’s novels. Alison Pick – Far to Go been reviewed on blogs recently and it kep catching my eye. 

The Sandalwood Tree – Elle Newmark is the first book sent to me from the Transworld Reading Challenge. You have until the end of August to apply for this one.

How to be a Woman – Caitlin Moran came to me in a rather convoluted way. At work I subscribe to The Times newspaper for work not for me personally. They send you prepaid vouchers four (?) times a year and they also send a selection of ‘things’ that you can have for free for being one of these subscribers. Choice is books, DVD’s or CDs. Sometimes there is something that I think ooh sometimes there is not. This time it was this book that jumped out at me, not seen it reviewed on any blogs I visit, but it was one of those books that kept popping up. As you can see from the bookmark, I have started it and my verdict so far is not too sure….

Finally there is a picture of The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton. Rosy contacted me through Facebook after I had posted in the Post-Chick Lit Group about Linda Gillard’s Emotional Geology. Would I be interested in reading this book? Well yes of course and Rosy has kindly sent it to me. I am rather ashamed to say that I have tried previously to read one of Rosy’s books Hearts and Minds but never made it very far through it was just not for me. But I have picked this one up and tried the first few pages out, and if you can see the bit of paper sticking out of it (a compliments slip from Rosy herself) I am into the book!

My only other recent acquisition not pictured was a copy of Savage Lands by Clare Clark which came free with my subscription to Newbooks Magazine. I had already got this book and have had it on my shelf in the ‘large’ paperback version for a while but had not got round to reading it. Now I have two copies one of them needs to be read. Perhaps I may well give the other one away once I have read and reviewed the novel.

As my holiday looms, a staycation if you will. I know that I will be venturing inside a bookshop or two and probably venturing out of it weighed down and with slightly less money. Sshhhh don’t tell the bank manager……