Coffee at Little Angels – Nadine Rose Larter

This is the story of eight friends who once they graduate from high school they all go their separate ways from the small town they grew up in where everyone knew everyone else and their business as well! We do not know specifically where this town is or the name of it but from references to townships and segregation I would say in some part of South Africa.

Brought back together when one of the eight is killed in a road accident in the said same small town, they see how much life has changed them, where they are now and how childhoods friendships likes and dislikes do not work as adults. In the space of three to four days we learn of their lives and emotions on occasions forgetting what has brought them all back together.

The book for me started promising, as we are introduced to Philip the victim that brings the others together. I was hooked but then I became unhooked very quickly.  Each chapter is headed by the name of one of the other 7. And I found it difficult as to who was actually doing the talking and to whom they were talking to. Many times I had to go back to the beginning to see who it was and even then it did not always make sense. Although I recognise that some of the passages were quite clear and I could see the thread of the storyline but this was in the minority for me.  I like books where they tell the story from each characters point of view and this is why I persevered with this book, but the author just did not seem to get it right.

For me the number of characters was too overwhelming, the book would have worked nicely with less and could have had a tighter storyline. The setting and locations were somewhat confusing and I had no idea where some of the characters were at some point, hotel rooms, coffee shops, in the car? I understood the concept of not giving the town and the area names but for me I needed these to gain perspective and location for the characters I was reading about.

For some people this book will be one of their favourites, but for me it was not. Whilst I read it to the end, as I had been sent it for review from the author herself it was only fair I should do it some justice.  It is a good premise for a book but my opinion is it needs a bit more polishing for me to have picked it up in a bookshop and find out more.

This is a self published e-book by the author who sent it to me for review. 

Nadine Rose Larter was born in a small South African town called Molteno, somewhere in the heart of the Karoo. After her last year of high school she moved with family to the city of Port Elizabeth. She spends her days writing, or thinking about writing. In the last two years she has started taking writing more seriously and made the decision to become a full-time author. 

Nadine chose to self publish simply because it felt like taking her future into my own hands and running with it. There are no excuses. Being ready and then actually being able to move forward instead of waiting to hear from publishers has been a special kind of blessing. Nadine is not closed to the idea of having a publisher, but just ready to go on without one for now.

You can find more about Nadine on her website where a copy of this e-book is available for purchase.  I thank her for giving me the opportunity to read this book and broaden my reading horizons and also challenge me to review something without sounding overtly critical as I was some sort of expert. I am just a reader who likes to read and write about the books I have read.