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Three Word Days

If you are a regular listener to Radio 2 and in particular the Simon Mayo Drivetime Show, you may know that he does a feature throughout the show called ‘Three Word insert day of the week’. If you are not a listener, then the premise of the idea is as such – describe the day you have had or having in 3 words no more. I recognise that they had the idea first, not me!

The week just gone has flow by, and if I had the time I could probably wax quite lyrical regarding what has happened to me this week. But how to sum it all up in a short pithy posts – well in three words.

Sunday – Body Pump Class

Monday – Jamaica Inn Started

Tuesday – Maintained target weight

Wednesday – Strangle lazy colleague?

Thursday – Rain! Rain! Rain!

Friday – Finish Work Early.

Saturday – Jamie Oliver Lunch

So there you go, last week, every day in three words. I wonder what these three words say about the week I have had? Rest assured I have not strangled anyone! Could you sum up your day or week in three words? I challenge you (and myself).