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Books and Cross Stitch

How do you combine crafts and books? Well one way I suppose is to buy books on the subject. Another way is to stitch pictures that have to do with books.

The Bookshelf by LHN

Please excuse the flash, but because it has already been framed, it is quite difficult to capture it correctly. Plus I can never photograph straight, I seem to be always leaning!

Away from my lack of photography skills. I love this picture because it is full of words and letters, one of my favourite things to stitch, mainly because it stitches up so quickly. Plus these are famous female authors, and the little pictures around the names hopefully reflect the books as well.

LHN stands for Little House Needleworks and the website can be found here. They have another ‘literary’ themed piece out as well. I have had it in my stash for a little while and decided I wanted to stitch it so here it is in progress.

And a close up of a more featured part of the work which is called The Library

There is a lot of ‘blocks’ of colour which can be quite good when watching television, it means I do not have to concentrate on the pattern too much with lots of colour changes. I am really enjoying this stitch and it has grown quite quickly but I still have a long way to go.

So you all know what it looks like I refer you to the original

The Library - By Little House Needleworks

Do the pictures remind you of any books in particular? Anything perhaps I should be reading. I do hope that Diane Williams creates some more book themed pictures in the future. In the meantime there are so many more I love on her site, but I have to finish this one first! Cross Stitch can be a bit like book buying – buying it all but taking ages to get round to stitching it all!

5 thoughts on “Books and Cross Stitch

  1. Lovely designs and stitching, Jo. I haven’t done any cross stitch for quite a while, I find it quite addictive when I do start it. I’m still trying to finish things off before starting anything else!

  2. That is so beautiful – I wish I had more time for my cross stitch these days.

  3. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

    I saw you were listed in the literary blog directory, and I thought I’d share with you a blog hop I find fun, the Literary Blog Hop. This week’s prompt is to tell about your favorite literary device. Here’s my attempt to pick my favorite literary device.

    Also, I’d like to invite you to throw your name into the hat for a $25 Amazon gift certificate in Readerbuzz’s July Giveaway!It’s international!

    I hope you will stop by. I always follow back.

    (And I apologize for the cut-and-paste post….I’m not always so tedious.)

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