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Book Arrivals

It has been a while since I mentioned any of the books which have descended into my flat, onto my shelves or basically on the floor. In fact looking back it was 23 April and I cannot say I have not acquired anymore since then because I have! This obviously does not include all the books that I have acquired on my kindle as well. I think I will just gloss over them! Though I do always say if I have read the book on my kindle when I am reviewing on this blog.

Now comes the task of remembering what I have acquired since then, as they are all a bit higgledy piggeldy all over place, but I am hoping I have gathered them all together in this photo and a rather unstable pile of books!

From the top down (before they come tumbling down!)

Elizabeth Speller – The Return of Captain John Emmett. Seen it around and wanted to be part of it. 

Jane Harris – Gillespie and I. Been reviewed on a number of blogs and I loved her first novel so I had to buy it and not wait for the paperback. 

Margaret Leroy – The Collaborator. An Amazon Vine choice and reviewed here

Rosina Harrison – The Lady’s Maid. A supermarket purchase, I love big house stories and why not get the point of view of a maid. Hope it is a good book as in this case she was a maid to Lady Astor. 

Jessica Francis Kane – The Report. A superb book that everyone should read. An Amazon Vine choice which I reviewed here

Rona Jaffe – The Best of Everything. I saw this reviewed on a blog, apologies I cannot remember whose. Then it came up on Amazon Vine and so it came off my wish list and into my flat! 

Karen McQuestion – Easily Amused. Another Amazon Vine choice, June was a good month! 

Mollie Hardwick – The Duchess of Duke Street. There are in fact three novels here, given to me by my mum as I absolutely love the programme and have it all on DVD. A great treat to start at the beginning with Louisa Leyton and see the inimitable Louisa Trotter come through. I know I will write about these books and the programme with more depth soon.

Amanda Addison – Laura’s Handmade Life. A crafty theme and another supermarket buy for some easy reading I feel. Plus I loved the cover!

Nicky Pellegrino – Recipe for Life. I have read two of Nicky’s books before and they are just lovely she has a way with words and food and brings it all to life. Mmmm delicious!

Jennifer Weiner- Fly Away Home. New author to me, blurb captured me, and I can see it is being pitched as a ‘beach read’.

Katie Ward – Girl Reading. This was an Amazon Vine choice from May. I have not got round to reading it yet, but it looks quite a challenging book. 

Natasha Solomons – The Novel in the Viola. A Richard and Judy Book Club choice and they normally pick some decent books so I thought I would give this a go! 

Quite a haul you could say, but these have been gathered over the last two months or so. Now if I can hold out until I am on holiday in August and read some of these and all the others I can buy some more! Oh the life of someone who reads books!