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A strange post perhaps for a blog that is mainly books, but I do throw in crafts now and again and this is a craft post, in fact a knitting post, inspired by a book. I have just finished reading Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton and without repeating myself it is a murder mystery book with a lot of it involved around a wool shop (yarn shop in the US) and knitting.

Sefton for me in this book describes what I can say is the nearest I have ever read in what it feels like, when you first set your eyes on wool and the choices and colours available. I thought I would share some of these passages.

The assault on her senses held her in place. Colour, Colour, everywhere she looked. Skeins of yarn in ever hue imaginable spilled out of cupboard in tidy bundles, scattered across antique tables in twisted coils and draped languorously in billowy soft bunches along white-painted walls.

Azure blues blended into turquoise and sapphire. Lime greens skipped  through spring grass to rest in deep forest emerald. And the red…Cool raspberry sherbet, melting into vermilion, heating all the way to fire-engine red.

Everything begged to be touched. Tags proudly proclaimed wool, alpaca, silk, mohair, cashmere, Yak down. Softness beckoned everywhere…touched everything in sight, reveling in the sensuousness of it all. Crisp mittens and nubbly scarves felt scrunchy and springy…a twisted coil of burnished copper, thick as a woman’s braid, doubled over and tucked end to end…hand-painted silk…fat bundles of hand-dyed mohair beckoned next-magentas, periwinkle purple, teal blue.

The literary value of the story aside, these passages bring to life the love, passion and probable obsession with wool, knitting and crafts. There is something spectacular about going into a shop and seeing every colour arrange out whether it be in wool, material, threads or paper. It is the order and structure I love and the fact that you want to get amongst it all.

Wool shops are fairly scarce down South, if I lived further up the country they are more popular and you can tell by adverts in magazines and websites that the majority of these are based in the North. When I visit the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace in October you can tell which is the more dominant craft of the time. At the moment, knitting has taken over again, anything to do with wool is now more popular. The stitching which I love has taken a more of a back seat. however, these things are cyclical and I know it will all come round again as new people discover it. My knitting skills are somewhat basic, and I can manage scarves no problem, but anything a bit more complicated and I must have some help – enter my mum! I do have a go, which is the main thing and whatever happens it is an achievement and something to be celebrated.

Great to be able to combine, two great interests together – crafts and books!