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Booking Through Thursday

It has been a while since I partook in this particular meme, so I thought would pop over and see what was happening.

This weeks question:

Do you ever feel like you’re in a reading rut? That you don’t read enough variety? That you need to branch out, spread your literary wings and explore other genres, flavors, styles?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Funnily enough I felt I was in a self inflicted rut because of too much choice recently. In terms of not reading enough variety, I have certainly felt like that, I went through a stage in my late teens early twenties of reading ‘aga sagas’ by the bucket load and would consume them, despite the fact that some blended into others and I was not sure really where I was.

After a break from reading after being at university, I discovered it again after about 9 months and was reading quite a lot of chic lit! Then all of a sudden, my tastes suddenly changed to eclectic and variety was the name of the game. A lot more crime novels than I have ever read before, I still like chick lit and aga sagas, but they are spattered few and far between amongst my reading nowadays. Sharing a love of books and reading with my mum and her collection of Agatha Christie’s and her love for du Maurier plus us both having a kindle has taken variety to another level! That what would probably be her answer to the question. Further variety is gathered from having a book blog and following others, so yet again I am reading books I know I would certainly have simply ignored in the past.

The only thing I really do need to spread my wings and branch out to is more classical books, I have tried many years ago to tackle some, but perhaps I was not in the right place to be reading them, now might be another time to try. I talk the talk but will I read the book……

Fancy taking part? Pop over to Booking Through Thursday, and leave a comment and link to your post and let us know whether you are stuck in a genre rut!