The Stolen Child – Brian McGilloway

With owning a kindle there is the opportunity to download free books, you must have your wits about you and also have some sort of filter on as well – there are a lot of erotic, seemingly pornographic books which are free. However there are free ones where you might recognise the author. This was one such book. This was a book I am glad I did not pay for.

I have read McGilloway’s books before, an author introduced to me from belonging to the Amazon Vine programme. Most recently was Little Girl Lost  the first two chapters of that book are also on this free kindle edition. My review on Amazon is copied below

This is less than a short story, to me this is a pitch of an idea about a novel and then if accepted would just need fleshing out. Having read previous McGilloway’s books it would probably be very good.

Simply put, Karen can hear a baby crying through a baby monitor at home but her and her husband, Paul do not have a baby. Michael locates the crying baby sound further down the street in a house owned by a single man with no children. Then Paul hears something else and takes matters into his own hands and the single man has a secret to reveal.

Anymore than this would simply be me retelling the story. It has plausible plot line and would be an interesting novel no doubt.

For me it is merely the vehicle to introduce us to McGilloway’s latest novel Little Girl Lost which is certainly worth reading.

Clever marketing ploy but do not pay anything for this, you would be seriously disappointed. 

If you want to look into reading Brian McGilloway (and he has had no influence over this post whatsoever and this is my opinion alone) then try his Inspector Devlin Series; Borderlands, The Rising, Gallows Lane, Bleed a River Deep, the last two I have yet to read.  Good crime novels if you are looking for a new author and a new detective.

One thought on “The Stolen Child – Brian McGilloway

  1. I do find that most of the free kindle books are rubbish, so I don’t tend to bother anymore. However you can get some really good books for ridiculously low prices if you look hard enough.

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