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Too much choice?

Do you ever get to the point where you have finished a book and you have so much choice on your shelves that you do not know what to pick up next?

That is exactly where I am at the moment. I am currently reading The Crimson Petal and White on my Kindle. An excellent book, though overtly graphic in some places for me, and I feel when I have read too much of it I need to move onto something else….

….My Man Jeeves is therefore being read at the moment also on my kindle. I do like Wodehouse and I am revisiting some of these….

… Little Women is still sitting on my kindle and I am over halfway through but I admit to finding this a bit heavy at the moment and certainly not enjoying it…

…So wanting to read a book and feel it in my hand and get absorbed by it I have picked up The Redbreast – Jo Nesbo. I bought this because of recommendations on blogs, reviews and in the bookshop. It has required some concentration and I have yet to be absorbed by it but still so far so good.

But should I not be reading something else? Look at my shelves they have an abundant choice at the moment and there are some more inbound…

…And as new books get released, I am wanting to read them and not the ones I have on my shelf… this is why I have Gillespie and I arriving soon! Read so much about it, reviews are good and it is also the Radio 2 Book club choice as well.

Too much choice for me means I really do not know where to start and what to pick up and read. I feel guilty when I am reading one book I think I should be reading another. Do I then not give proper consideration to the book in my hand because I am itching to read something else? Maybe?

I have always been a one book on the go kind of reader. Occasionally branching into two if they are of a completely different genre and there is no way of getting characters, plots and settings all mixed up. Suddenly I seem to be juggling more than two and then I get lost when I go back to a book I have not read for a few days. But sometimes I just want to read and that was the reason I picked up the second in the Agatha Raisin series, reviewed in my last post.

The conclusion I have reached is I have too many books on the go but also I recognise I am reading whatever takes my fancy when my mood takes me. So do I finish the ones I have on the go and not start any more?

The answer is…..